Advantages and disadvantages of biotechnology Applications of biotechnology. This industry is playing important roles in economics, health and environment. The cost of production of genetically modified plants and animals are highly costly and needs a lot of initial investment. POSITIVE IMPACTS OF BIOTECHNOLOGY ON HUMAN CIVILIZATION. Disadvantages of Industrial Biotechnology. "New Biotech Tools for a Cleaner Environment," by the Biotechnology Industry Organization (BIO), and Plants for the Future, by the European Commission's (EC) Office of Community Research, both underscore the potential of biotech ... and warn how government interference could slow the … ADVANTAGES/BENEFITS. Advantages of biotechnology.. Biotechnology has the power to give humans good health, sustain the environment and also the well-being farm and consumer communities. Industrial Biotechnology involves genetic engineering, which is nothing but transferring gene from one and inserting them into another species. In this system, the suspended solids, organic and inorganic contents in the wastewater are removed using a combination of physical processes such as sedimentation, infiltration and organic processes. Biotechnology is an evolving and dynamic industry. Soil Biotechnology: Advantages | Disadvantages and Application What is Soil Biotechnology? Soil Bio- technology is a groundwater treatment system based on the trimming filter principle. Cleaner, Safer Manufacturing. And to get back the money that was invested into these productions the government has introduced the idea … Advantages of Industrial Biotechnology.