Crab House is an indoor factory stereo aquaculture using recycling water equipment which designed for avoiding conventional breeding pattern of low survival rate and higher risk, such as ordinary pound farming, the sea aquaculture and large indoor pool aquaculture. Cheers But I want 2 try my luck on mud crabs. There are two species of crabs available that are suitable for commercial production. This may include vegetables, a salad, green beans, Brussels or sauteed spinach. According to the article, the offseason price would be around $30 per pound, and with each crab weighing an average of five pounds, your cost could be close to … There are many issues of using floating cages for the grow out system. This material is a healthy and non-toxic material which is wide used in food industry and this food safety standard material has already been applied in Hong Kong and the west. I have a plan to import crabs to my country I’m from the philipphines sir, can you please help me in the fattening system method. I am happy and looking forward to farm mud crabs in my region. Live crabs can discharge the bacteria out of their bodies through metabolizing but once they were died, the bacteria inside the body will multiply and decompose crab meat and some bacteria is toxic. amzn_assoc_marketplace="amazon"; I live in Europe and I wanna ask you,can I breed these crabs in an indoor recirculation system? For instance, sells four-pound wild Alaska giant king crab legs and claws for $179. We are also based Oman and are looking at investing in Crab Farming. hello, I can supply cheap green mud crab/red mud crab from malaysia/indonesia . So marketing will not be a problem for you. I want know which crab farming system is good in my area? Mud crabs produce and hatch eggs during the warmer months. I want to know the minimum primary investment required to start crab farming in half a hector pond. Please, I need an answer for this. Quail We can’t supply mud crabs in big quantity. im doing a research on crabs. 2. | Easy to store and easy to transport, the crab has two single-direction entrances that let in multiple crabs at a time – but doesn’t let them out. If any one need please call 9177999447. US $70.00-$150.00 / Ton. hi Karl ostberg, They are very affordable compared to other crab species such as King Crab. Furthermore, when you choose a water dish, make sure it is not too deep because hermit crabs like to drag themselves over the water. Contact @ +91 9830755584 or email at [email protected], I am ajith from kerala. I am from Malaysia, Please email us details. if anyone of you can supplies please contact me thro my email: Contact for mud crab boxes +91 9133311111, Sir I want crab growing boxes in andhrapradesh state. Please give me your contact number, I want 1000 kg or more crabs. 9605465516. How i can get boxs? Almost all of your crab will be cooked at sea where they are caught and will be flash frozen on the fishing vessel to help protect the flavor. There are also mesh and wire materials to choose from. My contact number is 6016 3319744. The crab will crawl in, the top will close, and the crab will be trapped inside. Keep some pipes in the pond for shelter and the purpose of reducing mutual attacks and cannibalism. If you are wondering where you can get your very own pet hermit crab, there are numerous pet stores that offer these shelled animals. Yes, you can raise mud crabs in such a pond. Contact Supplier. Change water occasionally if possible or apply proper medicines or chemicals.