It's got character too. Online right now: 1776, Fragrantica in your language: :). When Azzaro took the idea of CK One and decided to add a bitter citrus smell into it, a legend was created with the release of Chrome. Buy Now. Bad blindbuy for me.. No. I suspect it used to be called Febreeze for Home and got changed to a fragrance Pour Homme for profit. Maybe because I only wear it 2-3 times a year and always in the summer. Personally, I really like this cologne. I love this fragrences. Best for summer, so inoffensive and sweet for the nose. Often classified in the same department as CK One, Chrome is miles ahead from CK one, both in terms of scent originality and performance. Azzaro Aqua is a masculine fragrance by Azzaro. It gives me nostalgia. 5 with Fresh and green. The cyclamen is a particular floral accord, it adds very fresh air and breeze touch. Fragrantica® Inc, San Diego, CA United States. Azzaro Chrome Extreme by Azzaro is a Citrus Aromatic fragrance for men. But as if they were trying to win the same contest, but Chrome Aqua had a different twist. I don't know if it's human nature to ascribe colors to fragrances or whether the marketing machine has gotten into our heads. My husband got it as a blind buy and its one of my favorites. Skip to the beginning of … Unique. This isn't the best one yet, so it's a pass for me. You smell fresh out the shower. early 2000's bottle smells alot different then the current 2016ish bottle which is still nice just weaker cheaper made . Perfumes: 62692 As the fragrance commences to dry-down, various woody tones develop, they come up as a fresh and aromatic wood, closer to the rosewood and cedar. Search Stores. They're more like siblings along the lines of the Agents in the "The Matrix." Azzaro Chrome Aqua was launched in 2019. Super safe blind buy if you like fresh fragrances. The opening notes are orange and bergamot, both drenched in a aquatic-like note; all a bit thin with a slightly metallic undertone. Not that they smell the exactly same. Overall, a very fresh and invigorating fragrance that is perfect to day to day use. However, it's basic and last so it's good for a warm day and a younger fella. Would be a good one for the gym bag tho, Azzaro chrome is a timeless classic and universally loved by women of all ages. 6/10, I was curious about this scent since I read so many reviews stating that it was sexy and it made women want to crawl on their husbands/boyfriends and I got a chance to sample it. I was choosing between another fragrance and I selected this. Top note is Green Mandarin; middle notes are Sea Notes and Juniper Berries; base notes are Cashmeran and Amber. Don't let any fragrance snobs say otherwise. On my skin it is decidedly much more aromatic and woody, projecting for maybe 1-2hrs and staying as a skin scent for a few hours. Timeless, unique, clean, fresh, you just stepped out the shower scent. I’m a 21 year old male and bought it at Walmart when I was 15 because my dad wore the original azzaro and I thought it was Good. I find the scent as a whole quite invigorating and it pops really, really good off of one’s skin for that first hour or two. Chrome Mini by Azzaro .23 oz Mini ED... (. Not a bad high school scent. Very pleasant. Yes, some sweetness, citrus and Marine accords. (If anyone wants to try this, happy to swap a decant for my want list.). Azzaro Aqua was launched in 2009. Loris Azzaro was born in Tunis. I'm sure I would enjoy it better. True classic scent,very clean and soapy vibe. This is one of my favorite day time summer fragrances. Don't listen what other fragrance snobs are saying about this fragrance. Some people might be put off by how green it is. I did try this on the other day before going on an impromptu run and I stopped by a friend's house about 2 miles into the run and he could smell it on me. The mint is there but not as I thought it would be, it is similar to Jil Sander for men, I got the same impression, a light mint scent with a musky, woody background. This citrusy cocktail of notes was presented in 2009 and it incorporates citruses, currant bud and leaf, mint, tarragon, cedar, basil, nutmeg and woody accords. Still the best Chrome of all the Chrome's from Azzaro including Intense, Legend, Extreme, etc. Smells like creamy citrusy metal if that makes any sense at all. After repeated wearings, I had trouble smelling it after I first put it on. I think its a good scent to have in the rotation. High school boy scent. Perfume lovers: 585246 Honestly reminds me a lot of ck one. It's still nice, but a weaker version of it's old self. For those of you that haven't figured this out, you must ignore the horrific opening and wait 15-20 minutes and you will be rewarded with a great scent. it's good for summer days only. Chrome Aqua by Azzaro is a fragrance inspired by two different creative axes. I do not care its popularity. I am so stubborn though. Very inoffensive and easy to wear, and hard to overspray. It smells expensive to me and the bottles don't come too cheap either. Blind buy safe, presuming that you like clean and fresh fragrances. I can always tell if someone’s wearing it.. can be a good or bad thing I guess. Chrome Extreme Eau de Parfum 2020. A reasonably generic fresh feel to it, nothing really stands out but a good clean scent and ideal for the gym/office. The combination of Grapefruit, Basil, and Vetiver depicts a new and invigorating olfactory interpretation. Its one third citrus,one third aquatic,one third green.This is nice because its not overly marine or salty,something i dislike in some aquatic fragrances but this is nicely balanced.Still has that Chrome metallic thing going on but like all elements in here its balanced and not off putting like i find in the original. it just did not fit me. I think this and Voyage are the two most wonderful creations for just plain, doggone, incredibly, delightfully clean, fantastic scents for man OR woman. Very well blended and copied by many companies for their cosmetics. I do not doubt that it is probably weaker than it was when it cost 45 dollars. Out of all the frags I own, every single time i wear chrome regardless of where im at i get compliments from any female that is around. I recently had someone approach me from across a room to ask if I was wearing Chrome, they could smell my scent trail. Aquatic. I'm pretty sure every d-bag I've ever met who lives with his parents so he can afford the car payments on his convertible smells like this. For its price point, the fragrance is very well blended and it is very long lasting on my skin. Basenotes is an online guide to perfume and fragrance, featuring news, features, a database of fragrances, , fragrance forums, user reviews and more.