There's a gas leak, the store could blow up. This is probably one of the most reprinted horror stories of all time, and for good reason. That's the last thing I remember. This story is so bizarre and hypnotizing. I drenched the French Minister of Culture, Jack Lang, Véronique Sanson (French popstar), and two restored Steinway pianos." We didn't find out until he got back." Creepy and utterly fascinating. So, I met my boyfriend a few years ago when I was 21, and our relationship started off amazing. All burst into peals of laughter when they see my face. I said, "So, not a smoker then?" Joe Hill and Paul Tremblay recently described this as “The Ultimate Halloween Story” and it’s hard to disagree with them. I was only out for about a second, reason being I came back to conciseness when my head made contact with the toilet mid fall. Read it here. Hell, go read everything Jones has written. - Twitter user Tobby Watson, "First social in my smart Paris job. 12. "This story takes place about 14 years ago when I was working at a medium-sized clothing store in a small outlet mall. It’s haunting, beautiful, and just a whole lot of fun. Here are 12 of the worst workplace horror stories we've ever heard — and they might make you decide to work from home. First step went fine, but by the second step I started to get light headed. Here are our ten favorite stories of masturbation gone wrong from the depths of Reddit. ', Me: 'Ma'am. An anonymous user on Tumblr shared this scarring story: I was masturbating under my sheets once and my cat was in the room, I was watching porn not paying attention and next thing I feel is claws being dug into my cock, she thought I was playing a game because the sheet kept bouncing, couldn’t masturbate for a week. Read these 30 short horror stories that are better than most scary movies you’ve watched. And my whole family found out.". Komodokid on Reddit learned the hard way to always check your surroundings: 13 yrs old in a beach town on the Mozambican coast, middle of nowhere. Even if you haven’t read it, you probably already know the twist. But “The Night Cyclist” is a good one to embrace this Halloween. The subreddit’s writers want to torment you in your insomnia-addled midnight hours. I had no lights on or anything (this was before I discovered porn) and I was doing the deed. My room is upstairs and the first one at the top of the stairs. Before I got a word out she turned to me glaring. We need to evacuate the store immediately. - Twitter user Emily Burt, "Work experience at ASDA pizza counter. "A guy in my office brought a crockpot into work to make 'stew' in the cubicle next to his. Like what you see here? Removing it is brutal, but oddly satisfying. Holy shit, this story was a sucker punch to the gut. - Reddit user gmashareta_11113. The whole time I’m thinking to myself, “please leave”. I told her my technique (rub it 'til it feels good, don't stop) and she showed me that month's Cosmo. They already evacuated. Whenever someone tries to tell you a ghost story, you are the first one to dismiss it, yet they scare the shit out of you? My vision started to go black but I was halfway to the bathroom and covered in ejaculate so I made the decision to try and make it to the bathroom and then try and get my bearings back. Open a door! They were excruciating. He lives in Texas. Perfect for fans of Black Mirror. I had never opened champagne so I squeezed, pulled, twisted until the cork shot out. All I could do was speak out a "uh... yeah..." and close the door with my foot so she didn't have to witness the disappointing sight that lied in front of her. Drop a note below in the comments with your own recommendations. We didn't find out until he got back." is a global, multi-platform media and entertainment company. David Emery. I wasn't breathing. Did you honestly think this list wouldn’t contain at least one Laird Barron story? How do you get there? Few sentences have unsettled me more than the opening line to this flash fiction by the immensely talented Brian Evenson: No matter which way we turned the girl, she didn’t have a face. our editorial process. I'm sorry Reddit, I know this is a weird post but everyone's been ignoring my texts. The best feeling is getting a long peel, similar to your skin when you're peeling from a sunburn. You have no excuse not to take a look at every single one of these. Sweet old woman ordered the 'hot' pizza. I remember thinking, "Am I sure I want to do this? So yeah, after that I started to drink a lot more water and be more cautious of my surroundings when I chose to "distribute some free literature". I don't know about you but I kinda make a game of peelin… They called an ambulance and the EMT was grilling Hillary about what we were doing. It was disturbing and I never tell this story in real life. This one was difficult to read. I put the cucumber in the microwave for too long. Read it here. When I pitched this list, I knew immediately I would include Alyssa Wong’s story. You ever see those pornos where they pump the vagina up and make it all big and puffy? From the author in a Nightmare Magazine interview: What drew me to “Hansel and Gretel” was a Yiddish word, “gunsel,” that I happened upon in the dictionary. (I think it was because of dehydration?) I show her and we decide to still try but cover them in condoms. I dare you to read this without letting it consume you with dread. This story comes from Reddit user funny-chubby-awesome: "My high school best friend, let's call her Hillary, approached me about masturbation. ', Me: 'Ma'am I'm not going to risk my life going to find keys to open a changing room for you. So here's where it gets interesting, at some point at that age I was having a reoccurring problem where when I stood up I would get really light headed. ", but I hear her, like, moaning so I....plunge ahead. A leading-edge research firm focused on digital transformation. One of the stores connected to ours was undergoing renovations when a gas line was somehow broken by construction workers forcing the entire complex to evacuate. David Emery is an internet folklore expert, and debunker of urban legends, hoaxes, and popular misconceptions. We bought an old house, my boyfriend and I. Not a lot is known about H. F. Arnold except for the fact that he wrote what is considered one of the most famous stories ever to be published in Weird Tales. 14 Super Short Horror Stories That Will Make Sure You Never Sleep Peacefully Again. -, Wikimedia Commons/Norbert Hüttisch, Karlsruhe, A coworker's desk drawers got infested with spiders while he was on a MONTH LONG vacation. Twitter user I don't like divas or double daffodils, 14 ways offices have drastically changed over the past 50 years. Hillary says I passed out and she got my mother. Stay spooky, folks. since. Read it here. Mashable, Inc. All Rights Reserved. A now-deleted Reddit account posted this nightmare of a masturbation story: One time I had poison ivy but before I even realized it, I had masturbated.