If you're normally a sweaty sleeper, this plush polyester blanket might just be your answer: it's soft and can easily be layered when the night is cooler than expected, but on its own adds a sufficient enough covering to keep you warm throughout the night — but never so warm that you wake up sweating and sticking to the sheets. Think again. Pure linen is one of the oldest types of fabrics, dating back thousands of years. So far I love this purchase. This blanket is also hypoallergenic and safe for sensitive skin. Are you sure you want to remove this item from your Recipe Box? It can also be combined with other DreamTek products, to stack comforters for those harsh winter nights. With its dobby weave design and waffle square patterns, this 100 percent cotton blanket is breathable and oversized to accommodate the natural shrinkage of cotton, to ensure that your new blanket continues to fit your bed perfectly. Generally, cotton is considered the coolest material for summer blankets. The water washed process makes this blanket feel super soft and it will become even softer after each wash. It's a light-weight comforter--ideal for summer. Below, these are the best blankets to cozy up with in bed or on the couch: Shedding means that your blanket gets thinner as it loses fibers, and wool blankets are more prone to this. Choose from four different colors and three sizes. Thus, it helps regulate your body temperature to prevent excessive sweating. Thus, summer blankets are pretty popular even though it’s not summer. It’s soft and wicks away moisture, making it a favorite in children’s rooms. You can even use it on the beach, as you can drop it in your washing machine on your return and have it dried quickly for use that night. GOHD Golden Ocean Bamboo Fiber Blanket. It’s a little oversized to put up with the natural shrinkage of cotton over time but still lightweight. More features: 3-layer muslin; yard dyed pattern. You can choose from three different sizes and seven different colors with this summer blanket. This makes this the best light summer camping blanket. It’s machine washable so it’s easy to care for and maintain. The zigzag pattern is suitable for both traditional and more modern decor themes. Whether it’s your first time or not to buy the best summer blanket, this quick guide can help you. It will also prevent you from becoming too hot. If you live in an area where the climate is a little unpredictable, add this blanket to your wish list. The lightweight construction ensures that you can use this blanket all year round, keeping you warm and cozy without becoming too hot. We’ve also included a buyer’s guide, so you know what points you want to keep in mind when you’re shopping for your new summer blanket. All rights reserved. This lightweight 100 percent cotton blanket features a breathable but durable dobby weave with square waffle patterns. Made of ultra light fabric, Barefoot Dreams has taken their signature design and crafted a light, summer blanket. There are a number of features that you should consider when choosing a summer blanket. This breathable summer blanket is made from 100% ring spun cotton and has zero chemicals or synthetic materials — so you can feel good about leaving one … However, it’s too small and preferred to be thrown around your shoulders only while walking around the house. Well worth the money! More features: non-toxic and odorless microbeads; box stitching; cooling properties. Aidear 100% Super Soft Blankets Queen Size, 5. But, there are thousands of different blankets to choose from, and they all offer something slightly different. It has a loose chevron weave that allows for optimal airflow, but it’s heavy enough to keep you warm on cooler nights. These blankets are designed not to pill, so you can enjoy a plush feeling without worrying about following complicated care instructions or needing to go to the dry cleaners. If you want to get rid of your thick and heavy comforters, a summer blanket is a great alternative. It can be formulated to have a cotton feeling that is lightweight. Other Key Points of Consideration . The breathable material will help regulate your child’s body temp. This means that there will be no fading and the fabric contains no formaldehyde or fluorescent, making it eco-friendly. This lightweight flannel fleece blanket comes in a twin, queen, king, or throw size, and you can choose from 15 color options. That's right: the brand we know and love also makes a blanket for you to snuggle into at night! I tend to get really hot when I sleep so this light weight down comforter is perfect. What fans say: "I love this blanket SO much! For the most part, cotton blankets tend to come with a thermal pattern, and this allows for optimal airflow and circulation. There are a number of important features to choose the best blanket for summer sleeping, and these have been considered in our review. This blanket is designed to provide supreme comfort with softness and warmth that practically guarantees a good night’s sleep. The best ones for warmer nights are made from breathable, moisture-wicking materials and feature a lightweight, airy weave. This makes this blanket the best cotton blanket for summer. In addition, it is easy to clean since it can be machine-washed on cold water under a gentle cycle. We won't rent or sell or spam your email. Apart from medicine, Christian is obsessed with playing chess and backgammon. This lightweight Egyptian cotton blanket comes in three different sizes and seven soft colors. This insert will give you the weighted feeling you're looking for, while cooling you down at night. This creates a heavier and less breathable blanket that is more prone to pilling. As the name implies, this comforter is ideal for anyone who tends to wake up coated in sweat, and, according to the over 3,000 positive reviews, it lives up to its name. It’s also more absorbent than cotton fabrics thanks to its cross-section that allow better ventilation. HydroCool Ultra Plush Temperature Regulating Down. Subscribe to keep up to date with top products to buy online. Perhaps, it’s the thought of growing up being tucked under it by our parents/guardians. [...] I've only washed it once so far, but it washed up well, and still has the same soft, cozy texture. All rights reserved. It can be because of its supple touch, its luster loft, or its smooth touch. Lightweight – Although … This blanket is lightweight yet provides warmth. The double-sided weave and attractive design will beautifully complement any decor. It's great for long travel days in the air or on the road. Want in? This eliminates the need for potentially costly dry cleaning. Available in multiple colors, this 100 percent cotton blanket is cozy and soft. 5 Best Zinus Bed Frames – Designs to Suit All Types of Bedroom Decor, 9 Incredibly Soft Tub Pillows To Improve Your Bathing Time, 10 Best Sheets for Adjustable Beds — Soft and Comfy Options for Your Bedroom, 12 Comfy and Safe Toddler Pillows for Your Little One, 7 Best Fans for Sleeping — Sleep Cooler and Wake Up Refreshed. Your email address will not be published. And the baffle box construction ensures that the down stays evenly distributed, because there’s nothing worse than a lumpy bedspread. The best summer blanket will also wick moisture away from the body to avoid feeling hot and clammy. Rest your head easy on this silk pillowcase that helps boost anti-aging, skin radiance, and keeps your hair from knotting. A lot of us associate blankets with comfort, warmth, and rest, which is why sleeping under sheets just doesn’t feel the same. The comforter can also provide a great solution for couples where one feels cold in all temperatures, while the other is a warm sleeper. On top of all that, it's machine-washable on a cold, gentle cycle, and it comes in five colorful patterns. Finding a great blanket that you can use in the summer and winter months can be difficult, but it is possible to find a blanket that’s a good balance of warm and lightweight. So without further ado, here are 10 amazing summer blankets to keep you comfortable all season long. It is made with 100 percent microfiber polyester for a luxurious look and feel. This means that it acts as a repellent for many types of common allergy triggers like dust mites and pet dander. It always feels cool, even when the bedroom is in the 80’s and muggy.