This is a weight lifting belt having premium quality leather. Further, this weightlifting belt is easy to wear and adjust as per your body. Moreover, the material expertise employed in belt closure should also attract your attention. You may be able to find more information about this and similar content at, Therabody's Massage Guns Are on Sale Right Now, This PT-backed Fitbit Is Available with £51 Off, 16 of the Best Massage Guns to Fight DOMS. The MRX Powerlifting Belt is 4 inches wide and made to conform to a variety of body types. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Since many weightlifting belts are designed with a man’s build in mind, Some women have a hard time finding a belt that can lock tight enough around their often smaller waist. And don’t feel the need to cut your workouts short. Ideally, the belt also comes with a twin-stitch design that enhances the durability of the weight lifting belt. You can choose between pink, red, and purple to show your fellow gym-goers that a girly girl can hang with the big boys. Maybe you need a belt that supports a 22” waist or a belt that has extra padding on the back after a previous back injury. Some weight lifting belts use quick release buckles that can be fastened and unfastened with one hand and other belts have heavy duty double-pronged buckles. Leather weightlifting belts have the advantage of being both flexible and sturdy, and the RDX Weight Lifting Belt is no different. RitFit Weight Lifting Belt, The 12 Best Fleece-Lined Leggings of 2020, The Benefits of Using a Weight Belt for Lifting If Used Properly, The 10 Best Ankle Braces for Basketball of 2020, The 8 Best Running Shorts with Pockets of 2020, The 10 Best Knee Support Products of 2020, The 10 Best Sports Bras for Small Chests of 2020, The 9 Best Trampolines and Rebounders of 2020, Effects of a belt on intra-abdominal pressure during weight lifting. Lined with sweat-wicking cotton lining, this six-inch neoprene Elite Body Squad belt the ultimate beginner’s belt. Moreover, the weight lifting belt has been designed from a durable material that prolongs the life of the belt for a long time. These designs come with their own functionality, and you need to see that suits your needs. Our editors independently research, test, and recommend the best products; you can learn more about our Talking about sizes: although weight lifting belts use the same sizing names as other items of clothing (small-medium-large and so on), they aren't the same size as said clothes. Further, this belt is perfect while going for gyms, workouts, and exercises. It gives nice support to your back and provides flexibility in the muscles and joints. She’s seen how using the wrong equipment can cause injury, and how choosing the right tools will often be the momentum individuals need to reach success. Big compound movements, recommends Lee, particularly deadlifts, squats and cleans. Lastly, the product comes with the best width and thickness for a convenient weight lifting. Here’s a quick run-through of how to choose a belt. "The genuine cowhide leather belt has a double prong locking system that stays in place without digging into your sides. It comes in six sizes—small (27 to 33 inches), medium (32 to 38 inches), large (37 to 42 inches), extra-large (40 to 46 inches), 2XL (42 to 47 inches), and 3XL (44 to 50 inches). This design allows the belt to strongly fasten around the waist for convenient lifting. The design of this belt is specifically done for the weightlifters who want to win the competition. And you can expect to see gains during your first workout. There are a couple of ways to secure a weightlifting belt—single prong, double prong, lever, and velcro. Besides that, it does not cause sweating or irritation. The Dark Iron Fitness Genuine Leather Pro Weight Lifting Belt. The Harbinger Women's Nylon Weightlifting Belt is available in three sizes: X-Small (24-28 inches), Small (28-32 inches), and Medium (32-36 inches). It gives good flexibility and mobility in the body while doing workouts and various exercises. This is the product to buy in case you have dips and chins. Therefore, it focuses to give you the best service for a prolonged period and still remains in good shape. You’d be hard-pressed to find a leather weightlifting belt... 2. It's also easy to transport to and from the gym, all you need to do is roll it up and throw it in your gym bag for an extra boost to your workout. You can expect this belt to support literally any amount of weight you plan to lift, even up to 700 pounds, without hurting yourself. ShanTu Genuine Leather Weight Lifting Belt for Men Lumbar Back Support Gym Powerlifting…. This weightlifting belt is available in many beautiful colors and designs. If so, then you’ll want a nylon weightlifting belt instead. There are mens and womens weight lifting belt choices, and belts … There’s a lot more that goes into designing a weightlifting belt than what it’s made out of. For people who are into weightlifting, a weight lifting belt will provide them with better results. Ideally, the belt also employs strap design. Most importantly, this belt is an absolute game-changer if you have previous back injuries. Because it's made with flexible leather, the belt is built to last and won't tear or snap like belts made with cheaper material. Competitive lifters often find their range of motion slightly impacted by wider belts, but more novice lifters may want the extra support. Not only good-looking, the Shibusa weight lifting belt is also durable and comes with a lot of options to choose from, including two different widths (4" and 6") and either double pronged buckle (Olympic belts) or powerlifting lever closure/single pronged (powerlifting belts). This affordable, 6-inch belt has a foam core, waterproof exterior, and soft edges for optimal comfort while lifting. All rights reserved. It’s certainly the most versatile, Get better at running using the best running watches that track heart rate, estimate VO2 max and measure calories burned, The finest static cycles for home cardio workouts and in some cases, more serious ride training. England and Wales company registration number 2008885. It includes rich quality leather that does not cause harm to the skin or body. This weightlifting belt is skin-friendly as well as a durable product. Furthermore, longevity depends on the care and maintenance you put to the product. ", "This 6-inch belt is great for beginner weightlifters that are just starting to experiment with a lifting belt. The product is readily available in the market with a variety of sizes that ranges from small to extra-large. The belt also is designed with a suede lining that facilitates comfort. Individuals who are newer to weightlifting may prefer a nylon belt, since it generally takes less time to break in. To put a weightlifting belt on, bring the belt around your back and center the locking mechanism (whether that be a lever, velcro, or prongs) near your belly button. This cowhide leather belt from weightlifting accessory store Dark Iron Fitness measures up at around 5mm thick. The Harbinger Women's Nylon Weightlifting Belt is the best choice for women who lift: it follows the female contour more accurately, providing support in all the right areas while being light and highly adjustable. These belts have shown to add stability and support during lifts and may even reduce the compressive forces on spinal discs that can often lead to injury when weightlifting. Weight belts can also prevent back hyperextension during overhead lifts. This belt includes a self-locking technique and not any low-quality straps. You can see if it comes with foam padding that helps to reduce chafing. If so, then you’ll want to invest in a genuine leather weightlifting belt. Weighing in at only 1.5 pounds, this belt comfortably fits on your body without being too bulky. Nylon belts (and some leather belts) may be as thin as 5mm, though this thin style doesn’t always mean a belt is weak. Rather than turning soft and folding, the belt promises to meld to your body shape over time, providing fixed support. Find More: Top 10 Best Kinesiology Sports Tape Reviews and Buying Guide. 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Soft and flexible, the Fire Team Fit belt will support your back while allowing for a greater range of motion than its robust leather cousins. This belt is great if you’re one of the few ladies who go hard at the gym.