and/or its affiliates and licensors. Are you looking to level up your collection? One of the most popular material options (especially among those who prefer an ultra-lightweight rifle) for rifle barrels is carbon fiber. Automotive manufacturing costs can be cut by 80% with carbon fiber-based autos vs. steel-based ones due to greatly reduced tooling and simpler assembly and joining. Remember, though, that there are other factors that matter more, such as the barrel length. They’re especially popular for those who use all-weather rifles, as well as competitive shooters. The steel frame will probably be at least a pound heavier, but ride both and make your decision based on the ride, not the material. This is due, in part, to the fact that it makes your rifle easier to clean. Due to the favorable properties of this material, it is widely used in aerospace and military applications. Steel tends to flex in a linear fashion—that means that adding another 25 pounds of leg and upper body pressure will deflect it exactly the same increment as the previous 20 pounds did. Like carbon fiber barrels, stainless steel barrels also provide a great level of accuracy. What should I expect to feel on the Torelli? Remember that style is superficial and that a pound is not a deal breaker. In general, a longer barrel length will provide more velocity when compared to a shorter barrel. Imagine why all car manufacturers are researching the use of carbon fiber instead of steel to improve their performance. Metal has a very consistent, omni-directional grain structure. From full cylinder to sleeker hunting contours, there’s a lot to choose from. Personally, I like the feel of a carbon fiber frame, but the ones I ride are among the most expensive made and no, I could not afford one on an editor's salary. Like carbon fiber barrels, stainless steel barrels also provide a great level of accuracy. If you have concerns about being weighed down, you might be better off choosing a carbon fiber barrel or another style instead of the stainless steel. Follow us, or subscribe to our monthly recycling newsletter, to receive the latest and most interesting content! For those who care a lot about having the most lightweight barrels possible, though, they might be willing to spend a little more to enjoy a significant amount of weight saving. The weight difference isn’t that significant to most people. At the same time, though, they’re still very lightweight, so you don’t have to worry about being weighed down by them. Sign In, Join Active Is Carbon Fiber Better for the Environment than Steel. Can it be recycled? One of the biggest downsides of stainless steel barrels is the weight. Carbon fiber filament. Are you part of this group? You won’t have to worry about missing shots when you choose this option. Iron Shafts 101: How to choose between steel, composite, and carbon fiber. What is carbon fiber? You won’t have to worry about missing shots when you choose this option. Carbon fiber composites flex according to the direction and number of fibers in the lay-ups, and react slightly differently according to the molding pressure, temperature and other mold-related inconsistencies. If you plan on carrying your rifle with you, it might be better for you to invest in a shorter barrel. Terms of Use Don’t be afraid to ask questions or try out some different options to see what you like best. is a lifestyle guide and resource to help you explore your passions and help develop new ones. Like carbon fiber, it also has its pros and cons, including the following: Stainless steel barrels have been part of the gun culture for decades (since the 1930s, to be specific). With a 1:8 or 1:9 twist rate, which is common among commercial rifles, you have more options to choose from. There are also lots of different methods of creating rifling, including button rifling, hammer-forged rifling, and cut rifling, each of which creates a unique shape and style. It often takes a bit of experimentation to figure out which contour style is a good fit for you. Cookie Policy © 2020 Active Network, LLC and/or its affiliates and licensors. The Torelli frame is on order, so it will be a while until I can try it out, but I was wondering what you thought about the two bikes by comparison in general. Otherwise, it won’t do as well after I run it into a few clock towers. or Stainless steel is another common barrel material choice among rifle owners. For many people, a staple piece in their gun collection is a good rifle. Shop: Adding family members helps ACTIVE find events specific to your family's interests. I'm 53 years young and in pretty good shape. I have money down on a Specialized Roubaix Triple Elite, which I test rode on a very short ride. I am just getting into cycling and riding my old ancient Peugeot mountain bike. Your email address will not be published. Contact Richard Cunningham for questions or comments, or just to talk bikes at: Carbon fiber barrels provide great accuracy, too. The goal is for your bullet to have the perfect twist rate balance. There are lots of different lining options you can choose from, including chrome and stainless steel. If you’re getting ready for a long-range prone competition, the longer the barrel is, the better. Check us out at Recycling carbon fiber takes more energy than steel, but in the long run, it looks like it’s better for the environment. All rights reserved. — Mike. Cookie Settings. Sign In. I did like the feel of carbon on the Specialized. Carbon fiber frames tend to flex easily for a slight distance and then tighten up in a more progressive manner. Do Not Sell My Personal Information or When asked about the downsides of carbon fiber barrels, the most common complaint among most rifle owners is the price. Changing the length could have a negative impact on your accuracy until you’re able to readjust. If you’re having a hard time deciding between a carbon fiber barrel vs stainless steel barrel, you’re in the right place. A perfect riding bike is like a musical instrument: the best ones are comfortable to play and respond easily to the musician's touch. They also naturally dampen the rifle vibration and are much lighter in weight than other barrel types. From marketing exposure to actionable data Take a look at what’s available and pick what seems like a good fit for you. • What Are the Advantages of Compact Gearing? It’s very fast and can create some problems when you’re working with very lightweight bullets. This will be easier to transport and won’t get in your way. Required fields are marked *. Holiday Shopping Safety Tips to Implement on Black Friday 2020, 5 Accessories You Shouldn’t Leave The House Without, Different Types of Custom Kraft Paper Bags, 5 Unique Ways to Style Short Dresses Like a Celeb, 4 Factors to Consider When Choosing Summer Outfit Jewelry. The difference in the ride between a lugged steel frame and a carbon fiber—assuming, as in your case, that the two are top quality—is dramatically different. software for managing & marketing your events. The following are some other factors you ought to keep in mind when shopping for a new rifle barrel: Beyond material, one of the most important things to consider when choosing a rifle barrel is the configuration. Please see your Privacy Rights for how your information is used. There are lots of virtual options to keep you active and engaged — just select “Virtual Activities” as your location, and you’re ready to go. A 1:12 twist rate is considered very slow. There’s not a ton of variance in the effect that different configurations have. All rights reserved. You’ll also feel less overwhelmed when you start considering other features, such as barrel lining and twist rate. Do you want to learn more about shopping for the right rifle barrel? Look for this banner for recommended activities. Before you choose this option, be sure to consider some of the pros and cons that come with it: One of the greatest advantages of carbon fiber barrels is the high level of rigidity that they provide. One of the biggest downsides of stainless steel barrels is the weight.