Instead of rice or wheat, these noodles are made from a variety of starches. Stir fried cellophane noodles with vegetables and beef. seafood combo $8 extra There's a problem loading this menu right now. We have a whole section of Uwajimaya devoted just to dried noodles, so you can find any cellophane noodles (or other varieties like wheat and rice) in those aisles! 48. She ignored me did not even want to take my order. There were 5 of us, and we got many things from the menu. seafood combo $8 extra. 5 Stars (304) 2 FOR £6. I wouldn't even take mine home for left overs for me or anyone else to eat. I love a good hole in the wall restaurants but this hole in the wall is just beyond bad from bland and grease laden food to the automatic 20% tip they'll tack on your bill. Thin egg noodles in soup with park wontons. I don't believe I've ever rated a restaurant this poorly, but absolutely an abysmal experience. What a rip off, over priced , for such low quality nasty food. With REAL Food, REAL Cooking and REAL Flavors. Save yourself the grief and your stomach the agony- Do Not GoMore, The service here was the worst I have ever seen. Sheeted & delicately dried noodle – provides a tender firm texture, Better flavor absorption creates a versatile noodle with multiple menu applications, Versatile noodles - Try in Chow Mein, Low Mein, or Pan Fry. Generous servings and tasty! Seriously, heed my and others warnings about this place.More, I visited Ann Arbor for 4 years, and unfortunately only found out about this fabulous restaurant on my final visit! I am convinced these folks are racist. (btw, I went with a white friend prior to this and was served by the same waitress and did not have these problems). cellophane noodles, egg, scallions and mix vegetables in brown sauce, flat rice noodle, chinese broccoli, bean sprouts, scallions and egg in a seasoning sweet soy sauce, Rice vermicelli noodle, egg, carrots, scallions and bean sprouts sauteed in a yellow curry sauce, flat rice noodle sauteed with red onions, scallions, bamboo shoots and bell peppers in a spicy basil sauce $8.69 $ 8. Add Asian style egg $2 extra, Thai spicy, bird chili, garlic, string beans, onions, bell peppers, bamboo shoots and thai basils, fresh ginger, onions, scallions, mushrooms, celery and bell peppers sauteed in our brown ginger sauce, Pepper garlic sauce served over steamed mixed vegetables, lightly battered chicken, cashew nut, mushrooms, celery, onions, scallions, dry chili and thai chili jam, Garlic Bok Choy /$9 This establishment should not be supported by higher minded individuals who are working towards a global community of respect and courtesy for FELLOW humanity. 50. While I would have liked my meat a little bit more cooked, the noodles were good and quite copious. Everyones drinks came out long after their food. All Made. Egg noodles, chashu pork, chicken wontons, bean sprouts, scallions and garlic, House braised five spice long island duck, fresh rice noodles, bean sprouts, garlic, basil and bok choy in duck broth, Shrimp, chashu pork, boiled egg, bean sprout, cilantro, eggs noodle in spicy creamy Tom Yum broth, rice noodle, bean sprouts, scallions, garlic and bok choy, homemade udon noodles, scallion, tempura shrimp, sweet potato, enoki mushroom and broccoli, All wok stir fry served with a steamed white rice or brown rice, Choice of: give more. Spicy. Nothing exceptional, but a solid meal for a decent price. Wok Charred Broccoli /$8 scallops $4 extra $13.95. For this reason, they’re typically married with many different flavorful ingredients and provide a chewy, satisfying texture in these dishes. And added a 22% tip to the meal on his own. The food was the worst food I have ever eaten. Never checked in on his own to inquire about the meal. (Thai spicy upon request), mixed seafood (scallop, shrimp, mussels and calamari) served with pan seared wide rice noodles over pad thai gravy with chinese broccoli and mushrooms, denotes a spicy dish | *denotes raw items | “kani” is imitation crab meat, Mon-Fri:11:30am-10:30pm