"The advantages of the Neighborhood Market concept will be difficult to beat back," Moody's Vice President Charles O'Shea said in a recent note to clients. read more . The lesson Walmart learned is that food sells better than anything else. 0 0. The Markets are like mini Supercenters. The numbers are growing, but very modestly from 605 in 2010 to 632 this year. The average size of a Supercenter is 179,000 square feet, and the stores offer both merchandise and groceries. We never spam. A couple of things that stuck out about the new store were, it was half the distance to the regular Walmart. I’ve not been to one of these new stores yet, though I guess I should go see for myself. Sign up and we’ll send you one simple money saving tip weekly. The average size is 105,000 square feet. TTG is reader-supported. Walmart's Supercenters are referred to as hypermarkets by some due to Walmart's … Walmart is also testing a drive-through pick-up option in some of its Denver-area stores. @Peter, Jason, John, T, and Bryan – thanks for all the great feedback and comments! Unfortunately many we shop at will be regionals. I think I’ll start charting Walmart vs Kroger next for a month. Thanks. Best Answers "The advantages of the Neighborhood Market concept will be difficult to beat back," Moody's Vice President Charles O'Shea said in a recent note to clients. The difference between the two I believe is that the super center has a grocery store inside and the other one doesn't. Hours are the same as the Discount Stores. This is one of our largest budget items and so I find it very relevant. You made my decision easier! I think over a month you can get a good picture of the average price, and not just a point in time pricing. The Markets are like mini Supercenters. I have shop now for over 2 years at a neighborhood Mart and found that the prices are the same as my closest Walmart Supercenter..there’s no comparison to how much friendlier the people at the neighborhood Mart are compared to Walmart associates…. In its annual report, the company reported that it has 3,288 Supercenters in the U.S, an increase of 130 in the last year. Ting Hotspot Review – Would It Win a World’s Strongest WiFi Competition? If the company can sell food in small stores at the same price point as it sells food in its giant stores, it will have a price advantage over its competitors. Let us know if you found the process to be the same. Thanks for commenting! As we made our first trip through the store on the first weekend it was open it was apparent lots of people in the community were drawn to the new store. Didn’t see a tab to click to find info on best transfer credit cards or which cards are best for rewards without the one month this and the next that for rewards. read more, Wal-Mart The stores offer the same low prices as Wal-Mart's giant warehouse stores, but in a much smaller and more easily accessible location, giving the Neighborhood Markets a "distinct competitive advantage over virtually anyone," according to analysts. This Site Might Help You. Read about how Matthew and his wife are saving 40-60% on their cell phone bill. I would’ve thought that it might be a little more expensive and that you would be paying for the convenience feel behind it all. Also, other people who read this post, be sure to let us know if this has changed. The original big-box Walmart store is now called a Discount Store, and the company has been closing these stores or converting them to Supercenters for at least the last 5 years. What is the difference between walmart and walmart neighborhood market? I think this is a great comparison and would like to see Walmart compared to other grocers. Walmart Discount Stores ; Walmart Supercenter; Walmart Express; Walmart Neighborhood Market; Walmart Pharmacy; Walmart Fuel Store; Types of stores by State. Glad to help you out, Betty! read more, The primary differences between Walmart Supercenters and the standard Walmart store are that Supercenters are larger and offer full-service supermarkets along with merchandise. The company has been opening these stores at about the same rate as it is opening Supercenters. If they can get your business in a smaller setting, they will. Walmart U.S. President Bill Simon told an investor conference in early March that the weekly consumer trip to a supermarket to stock-up for the coming week is a $585 billion business in the U.S., and Walmart gets a 25% share of that business. The gas station/convenience store is the sixth format, and a company executive has said that Walmart has no plans to roll-out the format further. That I was paying for the convenience of coming to the market.