10 comments. This is why I don’t like when we hear in Martial Arts ‘no rules.’. What is the difference between a fighter and a warrior ? By connecting my personal history, my way of life, and my principles, as well as a deep study of swordsmanship and knife fighting from the masters, I developed ideas as to what would constitute the ideal all around knife. lubmelubyou 8 years ago #2. We need to discuss and explain to our students the difference between a fighter and a warrior. The warrior is one who has been in war – to protect and defend his/her family, his/her life, his/her home, his/her society, his/her ‘nation.’ With war, as with many things related to conflicts, there are differing laws, codes of ethics and morals that a warrior embraces and embodies. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. The difference between a Warrior and a Fighter - Unknown. But the monkey replied again “No. He said hello to the monkey and was surprised when the monkey returned his greeting with “hello my friend!”, The man didn’t know monkeys could speak, and so he asked the monkey about this. In the past, I have been stabbed in the back by ‘friends’ and other greedy people that were too ready to sell my friendship for almost no money and I decided to simply say, “Please don’t mention that we’re family.” I have since built my own family called Avi Nardia Academy, as warriors follow their hearts and keep their values and morals! A fighter fights for many different reasons but a fighter can vary, from a King who fights for his nation to a street kid, fighting just because he likes to.Things a warrior can fight for. The monkey went to sleep and the lion asked the man to “throw the monkey down to me to eat and I’ll set you free! Thanks! The idea is that with my Fighting knife you can not only kill but you can also save lives and survive. Too many systems embrace the knife as a tool for death rather than demonstrating how it is a tool for giving life. Based on the origin of the knife, gotten from my father, and with my experiences as an Olympic fencing coach and knife fighting teacher, as well as Japanese swordsmanship, I started to design this knife, which would be the basis for a workshop we teach in KAPAP called “Only Knife”, whereby the students need take ONLY a knife and go into the woods all by themselves and survive. Many times a ‘warrior’ can be a great ‘fighter’ BUT sometimes he can be handicapped and fight each second to be alive, or have to deal with life, which can be a daily ordeal with life’s work, fighting cancer and not about fighting another opponent. This shadow of the knife has followed me since I was a small child. A fighter only knows competition. He will fight to the bitter end ignoring pain even when the odds are against him. A fighter only knows how to fight one way. Press J to jump to the feed. My School of swordsmanship is that of giving life. A warrior cannot be broken. As such, I grew up among the first paratroopers of the Israeli Defence Forces, absorbing their culture, history, stories, and pictures from the old days. A warrior knows the value in competition, and that winning is not the point. Only the user who asked this question will see who disagreed with this answer. A fighter is a champion in fights for him or herself, but flees when others are in danger. A fighter only fights professionally for personal gain. Turning Lambs Into Lions – a site for everything Krav Maga, Self Defense and Martial Artists. r/AskReddit is the place to ask and answer thought-provoking questions. This is rare, since most paratroopers train for but do not actually deploy into combat in this fashion. "I mean it's not like you asked to be born. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. We'll let you know each time we publish a new article! A blogger from this blog said that in the heart of a warrior is an unconditional willingness to protect other people from harm. My father was a combat paratrooper – the background color on his wings was red (as opposed to blue) signifying that he actually made combat drops. Suddenly, out of nowhere a lion attacked both of them and the monkey pulled the man up into his tree and climbed high up to a safer place. Both knew what happened, but no one spoke of it. I teach Budo, and yes, we can fight BUT that is not the point. You can be a warrior and a fighter, but a fighter may not be a warrior. Warriors also count as warriors by competing in warfare. As we developed Kapap and started to introduce it throughout the world to the civilian market, this picture kept popping up again and again in my mind as the reason for developing KAPAP. A ‘fighter’ can be a great fighter, but he/she does not necessarily embrace OR embody those same laws, code of ethics and/or morals. A warrior expands his or her training to positively affect life in other ways. The difference is what’s inside. When I left the Army I gave it as a present to a friend, a Lt. “Yes!” the man said, happy that the monkey still considered them friends despite what the man had tried to do to the monkey. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. A few years ago I developed the Kapap knife – along with Fox Knives in Italy. Train on this quote. I enlisted in the army in 1980 and was challenged to go to war in 1982. His organization, clan, nation, team, family. A warrior fights for others. They are not warriors, even though they may portray themselves as such in the eyes of others, but mostly in their own eyes. A certain goal. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. A prisoner can be a great fighter, but there are NO ‘normal’ rules in prison when fighting. Let’s leave you with one more thought. One has the purpose of fighting, the other one is being paid to be ready to. This behavior is not embraced in Budo. We use it for our survival every day. This is the main idea for this knife – to give life, not to take life. I think I will go with Warrior and my main pawn as a Fighter. The lion said “throw the man to me, and I will eat only him and I will set you free.” The monkey replied, “no way, he is my family.” Through the long night the man eventually got tired of trying to out-wait the hungry lion below, and so he asked the monkey to watch over him as he slept and said that when the monkey would go to sleep and he would watch over him. The monkey said to him “would you please not mention to anyone that we are family?”. Warrior is so boring and slow to play, go with fighter.