The first situation occurs quite frequently, the latter rarely. I tend to use .45 mm right away. Armstrong also noted John Prine as another music great lost to the disease. coats of finish coat / lacquer. Then solder the connections such that it is logical when playing - i.e. This is best done with a good electronic tuner, possibly a stroboscopic one if you have money. Adjust by raising or lowering the saddles using the small Allen (typically 1 or 1.5mm) hex tool (see pic above). Before you do this check if the neck heel fits the body. If the neck is too hollow you have to adjust the trusrod. If too high the guitar is hard to play, if too low the strings will hit the fretboard or wrong frets. See more ideas about Telecaster, Guitar pickups, Guitar. The Gibson EH-185 clone build inches closer to completion in part three of our attempt at tackling this pre-war circuit. The September 2020 issue of Guitar Magazine is out now! Headstock... before, draft version then agreed final version. This is really necessary as some of the old holes are very close to where the new ones must come. Dont forget the neckplate! Regretfully bodies are not always clearly marked Fender, you have to trust the seller or decline - or get down the price. Hi folks. Your shoppinglist would look something like this: - Pickup bridge with mounting material 3 bolts, - Pickup neck with mounting material 2 bolts, or two long screws (depending on style), - Tuners with 6, 12 or zero screws depending on brand. When done I would fix the nut in place with only a tiny bit of wood glue, or nothing at all if it sits tightly! Now place the control plate and the pickguard. The depressed string is in fact to short between fret 12 and the bridge. Moving the saddle backwards will correct this. By sheer coincidence the guitar of this project suffered the second issue. We provide insight and opinion about gear, artists, technique and the guitar industry for all genres and skill levels. The principle can be seen in the picture here. The big difference is the printing cost of colour paperbacks. Action is the distance between string and frets. It's about 36hrs between coats and there's going to need to be a few more colour coats before we then apply the satin lacquer, so I think we're maybe 2 weeks away from being able to assemble the guitar, maybe longer. Preferably leave it for some time to set and check again. I hope you follow along with our build, and maybe this series will inspire you to build your own guitar!Materials: Potvin Guitars Template: hardwood purchased from Asheville HardwareNeck from Warmoth: http://www.warmoth.comTools in this video:Dewalt 12\" Sliding Compound Miter Saw: Cable 6\" Jointer: Mini Gorilla Dust Collector: K-Body Revo Parallel Bar Clamps: Crafted Magazine:FACEBOOK: Crafted Workshop 2016 I reckon it's about as good as it's going to be for applying a finish. In the seventies Fender experimented some time with a 3-screw connection and a triangular neckplate, which did not become very popular. Take a screwdriver and switch the selector to the neckpup. The bridge pickup is mounted with spring and three bolts on the bridge baseplate, easy. It will prevent noise RF signals to enter your amp. avoids work) to buy a pickguard that matches your body. In the first instalment of a new Guitar DIY video series brought to you in association with our friends at Elixir Strings, Matt walks us through the basics of a great Telecaster setup, from adjusting the intonation of that tricky three-saddle bridge, to setting the action for optimal playability. ), same scale, same dimensions. The DC-based musician on struggling to fit in, finding his tribe with the goth kids, and chasing the guitar sound in his head.