Tweet. Modelica Condensed is perfect if you're looking for a condensed alternative for Futura. Originally designed by Vernon Adams, then later expanded to include more weights by Jacques Le Bailly. Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign. Didact is very similar to Futura – but unfortunately it only comes in one weight: regular. Since then it has been used by a range of big brands, in both logos and marketing materials. Kabel was designed by Rudolph Koch for Klingspor, while Futura was designed by Paul Renner for Bauer. Available in Book, Medium, Bold and Extra Bold. Popular searches. So the font that you choose to pair with it has to be chosen carefully. If you really must have Futura and need a Web font, Adobe Typekit introduced Futura PT and Futura PT Condensed in 2001. Try PRO Membership for FREE! Didact Gothic is probably the closest replacement of the bunch. For a more vintage/classic or elegant look, check out the Elegant script fonts and for a modern look, check out the Modern script fonts.. We all love a good handwriting font for that warmth and “handmade” artisanal feel it brings to projects. Let's take a look! Its style is mixed with organic lines to add personality and charm to the characters. Paratype has been designing, developing and distributing digital fonts since the 1980’s. This beautiful font includes many open type features so your text can look professional. Last but not least, Muli is yet another appealing geometric replacement for Futura Regular and Futura Book: The font was designed with modernity in mind to be used in the contemporary world. Typefaces from similar time periods pair well, as long as their forms are different. Get the entire Adobe Fonts collection with all Creative Cloud plans. The typeface is built on geometry and mathematical purity. Futura Font Free. This plugin is not developed by or affiliated with Google. There are four weights to choose from, and web fonts are also included. Futura font family. It can easily replace Futura Book or Futura Medium, again very similar to Century Gothic as a clean geometric typeface: ): The x-height is slightly taller than a Futura font, making it perfect for body copy purposes and display. Futura, being a geometric sans serif, can be paired with Bristain. Futura is a crisp geometric sans-serif typeface that's great for headlines. © 2020 Envato Pty Ltd. For general use, we’re going to focus on alternatives to Futura Medium, which is probably the most tame of the bunch, and the most similar font to each of the Futura alternatives listed below. When you subscribe to my weekly type roundup newsletter, I’ll … It's contemporary yet timeless, and it's easily adaptable to web and print applications. Save 25% on an All Apps subscription now through Nov. 27. Hind is a clear cut font specifically designed for user interfaces. Black Friday Discounts Are Live - 60% Off All Plans! Futura. It gives the font a feeling of warmth and uniqueness. This bold brush script font has condensed proportions and just enough texture. The font is supported in multiple languages and comes in four different weights, with matching obliques. Since then it has been used by a range of big brands, in both logos and marketing materials. The pack comes with five weights and three different types. With four weights, you'll be able to use this font in a variety of projects, from high fashion to websites. Now, it’s important to remember that Futura is a font family. Hind is a Google font similar to Frutiger. Cumberland, Maine • Gorham, Maine • Freeport, Maine • Cape Elizabeth, Maine and surrounding area. What Other Fonts Look Like Google’s Logo? The great thing is that there are book, normal, bold, italic, semi bold and extra bold variations (if only there was a light version! Using Google Fonts is an alternative solution that is free and works across all browsers, here are some similar fonts I’ve found: IBM PLEX. The pack comes with decorative elements and a full Central European character set. A perfect font for branding, editorial, or any display project. Both Bodoni and Didot are a modern classification, they have think and thin contrast in their letter forms. Futura will help create a good, solid foundation for this hand-crafted style typeface.