These are the types of oils that contain trans fats. Your best bet is to stick with the basics -- a chicken salad featuring black beans, fajita vegetables, and extra salsa (try two or three different kinds). Yes, it’s got 22 grams of fat, but they’re almost all the healthy kind, and if you mix the guac with the salsa on top of your salad, you won’t need to add dressing of any kind. The Grilled Chicken BLT Salad is probably your best bet when you swing by Dairy Queen. Be honest -- the real reason you’re showing up to Starbucks for lunch is because you need your caffeine fix. This fast-food chain has come a long way since opening the doors of its Carnaby Street flagship store in 2004 – it now boasts 56 stores in the UK, has also opened outlets in Amsterdam, Oslo and Washington DC, and is setting its sights on the European and US markets. Just remember as you customize your sandwich, avoid additional fat-filled dressings (you’re already getting mayo!) It’s easy to drink hundreds of calories without realizing it. If you feel like splurging, add a vegetable spring roll to the side -- it’ll add an additional 190 calories and 8 grams of fat to your totals, but you’ll still end up consuming fewer than 600 calories in a sitting. Carl's Jr./ Hardee's. CLUB LULU Unwich: 320 calories, 25 grams fat, 6 grams saturated, 1 grams fiber, 21 grams proteinThinny Chips: 130 calories, 5 grams fat, 1 grams saturated, 1 grams fiber, 2 grams protein. Stay away from: Crispy shells or wraps, refried beans, sour cream, extra cheese, chips. There are plenty of choices when it comes to fast food. This article was contributed by editorial staff. If your doctor asked you to steer clear of the saturated fat, you’re in luck! When it comes to fast food Asian fare, simple is often healthiest: broccoli and beef tossed in a ginger soy sauce. And start your meal with a broth-based soup. That’d keep your total calorie intake to under 600 calories, with a fat intake around 23 grams. If fast food is my only option, what do you recommend I order? Stay away from: Fried chicken, original or extra-crispy, teriyaki wings or popcorn chicken, Caesar salad, chicken and biscuit “bowls,” extra gravy and sauces, french fries, onion rings. Many restaurants now list the number of calories as well as the amount of fat and salt in their products. Together, you’re looking at a meal of almost 1,000 calories and 38 grams of fat. Stay away from: Fried or crispy anything, tempura, peanut sauce, sweet and sour, regular soy sauce. The trick to ordering wisely is to watch your portion sizes, avoid trans fats and excessive saturated fat, and try to come away with some sort of nutritional value in the form of high-quality protein, fiber, or vitamins and minerals. ), or fruit and yogurt on the side instead of french fries. Stay away from: Fatty meats, tuna salad, bacon, meatballs, cheese, mayo, white bread, croissants, biscuits. Between the chicken salad and chicken noodle soup, you’ll amass a whopping 51 grams of protein, but only intake about 515 total calories. Plus, you’ll get a little extra protein from your soup. But, there are some healthier fast-food options out there. Just remember, the calorie and fat estimates for the salad don’t account for heavy dressings, so opt for vinegar and oil or a light vinaigrette when asking for your sauce. At 690 grams, it still puts a pretty hefty dent in your recommended daily allotment (you should try to consume less than 2,300 grams per day), but it beats the 1,000+ grams that most of their 4-inch subs provide. Total Calories: 150 New favourite breakfast date spot @the_mae_deli #riseandshine #themaedeli, A post shared by Sarah Leigh Bannerman (@sarah_leigh) on Nov 16, 2016 at 11:50pm PST, Since the first store opened in Westbourne Grove in 1995, the UK’s first organic supermarket has steadily weathered the economic storms that have battered other retailers. Panera has a lot to choose from when it comes to healthy, nutrient-dense options, so you might as well spread the love around a bit. Do order: Single-patty hamburgers that are grilled, baked, roasted, or broiled, grilled chicken, veggie burger, garden salads, extra lettuce, tomatoes, and onions, baked potatoes, yogurt parfait, mustard. So “healthy fast food” sounds like an oxymoron. But fast food is almost always high in calories, fat, sugar, and salt. Copyright © American Academy of Family Physicians. And given that fast-food consumption is practically woven into the fabric of our society, you don’t need to give up your drive-thru habit completely -- or pretend you’ll just order a salad (who are you kidding, really?) A single Kentucky grilled chicken breast offers more protein and less fat than any combination of two other pieces of grilled chicken from KFC. While the protein-style hamburger featuring a lettuce wrap in place of a bun isn’t a terrible option (although its fat content is a lot higher than McDonald’s basic burger), the chain only offers French fries as a side, and they only come in one size -- high-calorie and fatty. If the information is not posted, ask an employee for a copy of the nutrition information. Multiple locations, Popular Israeli chef Yotam Ottolenghi opened his first London deli in 2002, and now operates six branches across the city, including two formal restaurant and four deli restaurants, which have an emphasis on takeaway food. Then, go ahead and splurge on a side of guacamole. And trans fats increase your risk of heart disease. My best advice? It sells a wide variety of meal boxes, wraps, snacks and sides, sticking firmly to the ethos that it is “possible to serve food that both tastes good and does you good”. Here’s what to look for — and what to pass up — when eating at a fast food chain. Be warned — this one’s not cheap. Am I at risk for anything that means I should watch my trans fat intake. And the choices you make there won’t matter quite so much. If you’re looking for a nutritious breakfast on the go, these egg bites … You’ll eat less during the meal. Combined, you end up with a filling meal, all for under 500 calories. A cup of vegetable soup adds a negligible number of calories and fat to your meal, but because broth-based soups tend to help with satiation, it’ll help keep you full until it’s time to eat again. If you’ve never tried it, it’s time -- it’s surprisingly good. and stick to adding on veggies for extra flavor. Add an order of small fries to your meal to round it out, and you’re still consuming less than 500 calories. Long gone are the days when fast food meant only questionable grease-soaked, deep-fried items served in cardboard. Einstein Bros. Bagels. An interesting fact: When people are served more food, they eat more food — even if they don’t need it. There are ways to eat at fast food restaurants and still stick to a healthy eating plan. 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