This season holds the record for having the longest streak of red team members eliminated, with four. Benjamin was up first and managed to catch Christina serving a carbonara with spaghetti instead of fettuccine, but did not notice carrots instead of butternut squash in the risotto. During dinner service, Michelle was on the appetizer station with Christine. Michelle and Giovanni served a seafood appetizer tableside. Download at the Apple or Google Play Stores to compete for best accuracy scores against our Experts, Editors and Users while predicting the Oscars, ”, ‘Dancing with the Stars,” “Big Brother” and all Hollywood races! Despite that, she got the refire accepted, and while Ramsay asked her why the last one was poor, she promised that it would never happen again that night. During the punishment, she managed to get the regular milkshake over the protein shakes, reminded the women that if her dish was chosen, they would not be in that situation, and told them to drink their fucking milkshakes. The Grammys will be forced to explain themselves imo. The time limit is 40 minutes. The reward: the winner will become the new head chef at the brand-new Hell’s Kitchen on the Las Vegas Strip at Caesar’s Palace. Before the next dinner service, the chefs will compete to create the most delicious new bar drink. She was not seen that night, the red team lost the service, and were asked to nominate two people for elimination. She was the second person to perform as Ramsay's Sous Chef, called expediting a dream of hers, and declared that she would be heard that night. Age Season 9: Paul Niedermann Individual challenge down during the team phase. She has since returned to Long Island, working as the head chef at three restaurants: Monteray, Jellyfish and, most recently, Schafers in her hometown. Seems as if she’s holding her reputation in tact, for now. Ramsay's comment: "Having the youngest of all-stars step up and win this competition is a testament to Michelle's talent. The red team won the challenge 10-7, and they were rewarded with a trip to Scottsdale, Arizona, traveling through cactus trails by horseback, and a dinner at the Four Seasons Resort. Milly was sent to safety first (despite preparing only five oysters instead of six as required), followed by Manda, Barbie, and Elise, leaving Giovanni and Robyn as the last two. Since leaving there, he has worked as an executive chef at Ben’s Next Door in the nation’s capital, taught a course at Stanford and written the bestselling “44 Things Parents Should Know about Healthy Cooking for Kids”. “Hell’s Kitchen” season 17 is an “All Stars” edition of this reality competition series hosted by Gordon Ramsey. Despite that, she got her lamb accepted. She made a chocolate stout soufflé with a berry stout sauce, and vanilla whipped cream, the judges called it a bold move for her to serve a soufflé, and while it praised it for being a good breakfast dish along with the great combination of the bitterness and sweetness, Ratzenberger found the chocolate to be too powdery, much to her dismay as she did not use any powder. Elimination: Despite being told to nominate two people, the red team had a three way tie between Dana, Michelle and Elise due to Jennifer and Elise ganging up against Michelle. They must hook lures containing different ingredients to their fish's mouth and then throw it to their teammates. After meekly asking Sous Chef Andi for the garnish, Ramsay urged her to get more vocal, and she managed to do so. Fans and super-fans from around the world were invited to attend the event. However, Nick called out the order incorrectly for a nine-top table, confusing Milly, she said that she would not allow that and told her team to regroup. As they were unloading the deliveries, Barbie annoyed her teammates by telling them what to do. Of note, she was disliked by the former, and had an explosive running-feud with Elise, over the aforementioned sabotage from herself and the bullying nature from the latter, while also calling each other the weakest chef on the red team. While going back to the dorms, she was dismayed as she was very close to winning that challenge and believed that she would have won if she cooked her venison for 90 seconds longer. Despite Elise's objections, Barbie insisted on a fresh serving of duck. Ramsay uses pyrokinesis to destroy Hell's Kitchen while leaving the building as the intro ends with the title card featuring him and the all stars. Michelle had first pick of the teams, and she picked Nick, Dana, and Milly. However, she got annoyed by that, and said that if her teammates wanted to make fun of her due to being the youngest of the chefs, then they could go fuck themselves. The women, meanwhile, were forced to clean up the risers and confetti outside. Michelle performed well on the fish station, only having trouble when she was slow to bring up the sauce for a halibut. It’s the new 17th Season and it’s Hell’s Kitchen All Stars. Season 16: Kimberly Ann Ryan He opted to work with Ramsay in London but later declined to become head chef at the exclusive Standard hotel in Los Angeles. During the Firefighter Service Challenge, Michelle was on the grilling station with Alison. She made seared scallops over polenta and gnocchi, they were praised for tasting beautifully, and she scored 4 points. Nick served a raw New York strip but managed to quickly recover. Benjamin Knack was a contestant on Seasons 7 and 17 of Hell's Kitchen. Reward/punishment: The blue team headed out to Las Vegas in a private plane to stay overnight at Caesars Palace. Later, she did not appreciate Alison's attempts to give her instructions as she knew how to cook meat, and the two of them started to chafe over their different methods of speed. Some chefs from each team were allowed to pick a chef from the other team to cook against; this person would spin a wheel to pick the country from which the pizza would be inspired, as judged by Ramsay, Marino, and Chef Steve Samson. So, who did Chef Ramsey invite to compete? During the Taste It Now Make It Challenge, Michelle paired up with Nick as the two made each other laugh. She is the seventeenth winner, the fifth consecutive female winner, and the eleventh female winner of Hell's Kitchen. Hells Kitchen Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. Ramsay is then joined by Chef Ben Ford (Harrison Ford's son) in the judging. The beef filet Rossini was the same story, as Benjamin led his team well while Barbie screamed aggressively at Michelle over a side of spinach and all the potatoes were burnt, greatly dismaying Ramsay. Ramsay agreed and brought up the four women, ultimately eliminating Ashley for not doing much in service and believing she had no fight back left. Service: Shannon Tweed dined in the red kitchen and Paige VanZant in the blue. In the blue team, the pairs included Nick and Robyn, Giovanni and Milly, and Jared and Benjamin. While Elise blamed her for not tasting it, she argued that the former grabbed it from her before she had the chance, leading to a brief argument. Elise continued to throw her under the bus by saying certain people were kissing certain people’s asses that was a hinderance to the team, called her out for celebrating after the challenge and not taking responsibility for the raw chicken, despite doing so earlier.[24]. During dinner service, Michelle was on the fish station. Then, she considered Elise and Barbie for elimination, only for the two to considered her for elimination as she refused to help the latter on garnish, even though she argued that she did not say that. It’s going to be wild. Gordon Ramsay ('Hell's Kitchen') “Hell’s Kitchen” season 17 is an “All Stars” edition of this reality … Reward/punishment: Michelle went on a helicopter tour over Los Angeles with lunch 71 Above, and took Nick with her. All of the returning chefs made it onto the Black Jackets in their respective seasons. Ramsay brought in chefs Vinny Dotolo and Jon Shook (who previously helped judge a challenge in Seasons 13 and 14) to help him with the judging.