They provide the most accurate information without having to dig through their website and many skateboarders only have positive experiences bringing their skateboard on board (heh). Carry your trucks in a backpack and attach your deck using straps, assuming you have a skateboard backpack. The bottom line is that air travel will always be a fiasco. Eventually, you will live out that picturesque vision you had while standing in line to board the plane behind the rotund woman with the paisley floral patterned moo moo. “This is it, everything packed, find my seat, ready for take off!”. Sometimes it just comes down to who you ask. You’ll need to go outside of the airport and check in your skateboard, which could potentially mean missing your flight. Alternatively, you can put in under the seat in front of you or wedge it between the seats. If you're in the back of the plane, sometimes you’ll be outta luck. I’ve never personally flown with Ryanair, Ben, but I have flown with a regular street deck strapped to the outside of a Thrasher duffel bag on a couple of domestic flights without any issues. Add Tip Ask Question Comment Download. You also have to sign a limited liability release form and hand over your left kidney. This post was made on Oct. 18th-2018. Alas, the scenario plays itself out just as how you would imagine, nothing shows up on the other end (or if it does, it looks like it was dragged beneath a moving vehicle and then hit with a hammer a dozen or so times). In most cases they’ll just spit out some airline regulation banter about approved sizes for objects allowed as “carry-on” items by the TSA, but rarely, you’ll get a realist who may be able to let you know whether or not you’ll be able to store that item in an overhead bin. There is a number of different ways to grab the board, whichever way is comfortable for you is the way we will do it now. I know it's quite difficult for new skateboarders to pick a skateboard, especially when you don't want to spend too much but still want a decent setup. To get the swing to go higher, you lift your legs as you pass through the bottom of the swing's arc, then drop them at the top of the arc. As I get up to the top of the lip, I am going to grab my board. A lot of flying skateboard in science fiction movies don't think about aerodynamics.Here we use four engines and a middle drive shaft,which can easily steer the flying skateboard. In theory, this means you can’t bring in as carry on. Thanx for sharing such a nice post. They don’t charge any extra fees and you’ll have no issues going through security. All blog comments are checked prior to publishing, Landyachtz ATV Series Skateboard, Jammer Third Eye Complete, Landyachtz Dinghy Series Skateboard, Shape 9 Chartreuse Complete, Landyachtz Dinghy Series Skateboard, Blunt Wild Cats Complete, TiGr mini Ulock with reinforced mounting clip by TiGr Lock, Install Bearings and Spacers with One Tool, Clean Skateboard Bearings in 5 Easy Steps, TiGr mini+ Ulock with reinforced mounting clip by TiGr Lock, , and domestic flights usually tend to be more lax when it comes to items carried aboard. Are you going to trash your board? Make sure to double check the policies as in time the rules may change over time. Carry on luggage is supposed to fit the short way in the overhead compartment. The last step, the transition from the edge of the ramp to the plane, the final moment of mundane before embarking on the skate adventure of a lifetime! Some solid tips in here kids: Looking up from the paisley floral patterned moo moo that the rotund woman is sporting in front of you, you breathe deeply to displace the anxiousness building in your stomach and chest. Loaded Boards recently made this great overview of how to travel with a skateboard. If you have everything on your persons, then there is no reason, other than you maybe spending too much time at the airport bar before your flight, that should result in anything getting lost. There are people who claim you can bring your electric skateboard when you disassemble it and carry the batteries in your backpack but curb your enthusiasm. Alright, so that's how you do Airs. When flying Spirit Airline checked baggage fees may apply. Skateboards no heavier than 8kg / 17.637lbs and not bigger than 55x40x23 cm and you have no other bags, you can carry it on. The ultimate trick to winning the air travel game is to carry everything with you, assuring that it will fit into the overhead bin. The policies vary most airlines allow you to take your skateboard on a plane as long as you stick to the regulations. Make sure the wheels face up while keeping the wheels covered (trash bag is fine). Thanks! Make sure to pack your board in the best stowable way possible and the crew won’t bother you. First or second checked bag service charges may apply. Why do you think it says “be prepared for a lot of trial and error”? I’ve been traveling the world and this is the first time I’ve heard of this. Alright, so that's how you do Airs. In most cases, you can’t bring an electric skateboard or electric longboard on a plane, unless you remove the batteries. Just make sure not to run anyone over or get in the way. I would be very surprised if you could carry it on. For carry on, the length may not exceed 62 inches and should weigh less than 50 pounds. You’ll be charged the same fee as the 1st or 2nd baggage fee of your destination. Skateboards are allowed as carry-on baggage and standard carry-on size restrictions apply.Skateboards are allowed as checked baggage and standard baggage policies apply. Now, this isn’t a very practical solution but it might save you some money in case they charge you fees. Make sure to check their websites as things may change. or will they be confiscated ? You may not realize it, but this is the slow burn beginning of what is to be really bad traveling nightmare. Accepted as checked baggage, provided a skateboard is properly packed in a soft- or hard-sided case designed specifically for the equipment. I’m too scared to try and have my parts confiscated…. Ryanair doesn’t allow bringing a skateboard as carry on, you can check in the baggage and fees may apply. Now to quickly describe how I am going to do this trick, basically what you are going to need to do is approach the ramp with enough speed to launch yourself over the lip, not too fast that you will fly out and land on the flat bottom, but a good, comfortable speed, something that you know you are going to get up on top of the deck. In some situations however, there is no other option. MonkeySee, a Fexy Media Company, captures the skill and knowledge of the world’s top experts and delivers it to inquisitive audiences everywhere. This allows the flying skateboard to take off and land, and reduces air resistance. Great article, thank you for sharing tips! Insta @skateboardershq, Best Skateboards for Beginners | Bought, Tested & Approved. If they do (domestic and international) just force it while maintaining your cool. The staff doesn’t have time to deal with a deck that’s just a bit oversized and won’t bother you unless they’re having a bad day. I am going to fly over the lip, try and control my flight and make sure that my wheels are in level to the landing surface that I am about to land on and make sure the board is stuck to my feet so I can land squarely and roll away. Many airlines allow skateboards on a plane as long as you follow the rules. Right now I am going to grab Indy which is basically, in front of my knee, behind my foot. Just trust me when I say this, it will seem like a gift from the skate gods when this situation befalls you. Brian Tucci: Hi, my name is Brian Tucci. Carry your trucks in a backpack and attach your deck using straps, assuming you have a skateboard backpack. Un-advantageous to you and more often than not, the airlines will employ a cheap third party delivery company to deliver your bags. You’ll need to check it in and might be charged the same fee as the 1st or 2nd bag fee of your destination. OR it is supposed to fit fully under the seat in front of you--skateboard won't do that either. Yes, you can bring your skateboard on a bus or train, no problem. In the end, a lot of it simply comes down to the battle of the bins, and you’ll just have to make it work. Delta states that skateboards are allowed as carry on but it shouldn’t exceed 45 linear inches. They don’t want the hassle of checking a skateboard deck at the gate and if they stop you try to negotiate and be polite. Skateboards are allowed as checked baggage and standard baggage policies apply. Others, however, call by row. As my front wheels hit the lip, it's going to bounce me off the coping and I am going to yank as hard as I can to get me into the air. Skateboard may be substituted for a carry on or a checked bag.