Anything humanly achievable is possible, you just need to convince yourself that you can do it. It helps a lot to overcome your fear. Overthinking of fear obstacles you to step forward. Many skateboarders seem to think the startups don’t matter. Sometimes you may need to be a master at trick A and B before you could even attempt trick C and D. The key here is to give your brain some time to process and master each process and then every other thing will fall in place. Once you start thinking about falling, you significantly increase the chances of it happening. Excessive fear can make you frustrated. Along with the fear of getting hurt, there’s also the fear of landing sketchy, chicken feet, snapping your board, not landing at all, not getting sponsored, the fear of getting too dirty before the jol, etc. Take enough time. When I was just being more comfortable on skating ramps, the skate caught a hole on the ground, the truck broke and I made a huge fall. It’s pretty hard to categorize fear in skateboarding though, because you’d think the only fear would be the fear of getting hurt, but oddly enough the more you progress, the more fears you become familiar with. Yet I face it--I think because the water is a bit forgiving. Try to join a skateboarding group (these are some in London area) to get tips on tricks. Now I appreciate their skill and fearlessness needed to glide along effortlessly. Sadly, it always catches up to us, no matter how fast we run, so really, the only way to deal with it, is it face it head on. The more you do it, the more you will see that you CAN do it, and that you can deal with the falling and the pain. Skate Note- try railing on stairs to dwindle your fear. You know, the kids who wore Vans and baggy jeans and backwards hats, breaking all the rules in public parks and parking lots, skating over benches and hand railings. Tricks are complex no matter how easy they look; one wrong move could make everything go sour. Share this post: on … You have to accept that fact that skateboarding is going to hurt sometimes, but not let that stop you from trying. on Facebook This is because you might not actually be ready – some tricks can be really complex- and if you don’t deliver the right phase of each trick properly, it could lead to a bad ending. Do not get upset if you fall several times. To help you overcome your fear of skateboarding, below is a list of some tried and tested tips that have helped me and many skateboarding friends to become better over the years . I've spent this past year getting an education in the ocean. It’s fine! So if you are confident then others comments do no harm to you. Your fear leads you to the success. Actually, falling helps you to be confident in skateboarding. Always wear your protective gear and learn how to land with your arms and other ways to fall with minimal injuries. I know it'll help my surfing tremendously, cutting and balancing better. This you can call level zero; level zero is the attempting and practice phase. But then I moved to California, primarily to live by the ocean and learn to surf. You may have a friend or know someone who is killing every trick and learning at “flash velocity”. It helps you prepare for the impact of falling on concrete or coal tar ground. Your fear makes you conscious. When you can control both feet separately then gradually you can place both feet while landing. Subscribe to receive my weekly newsletter! Skate tip #1 – Master the Basics. To me, being an athlete was tied in importance with my scholastic endeavors. In the long run, you need a long time to control the board appropriately. Try to place sometimes your right foot and sometimes left one. They feel shy whether people comment negative. You should never ignore it. I began studying skateboarders riding along the open roads in my neighborhood, tilting back and forth, a freedom in their movements. Yes, it should motivate you, but not to the point where you perform tricks you are not ready for – if things go wrong, you might end up making things worse. If you are afraid of being injured on the hard surface then this trick will surely help you. At first, make sure that you know well the basics of skateboarding. You will never be acquainting with the natures of your board if you do not manage it properly. I sometimes get scared while surfing, watching waves grow in force, pummeling my body, throwing me around. Accidents can happen at any time. ... For me pads gave me a nice confident boost over the fear but honestly the best thing to happen to me was to have a first good decent slam. The thing to remember is that even if they do make fun of you, it will only be for a short while because with enough practice, you’ll also become a master. Increase your speed slowly. protects you of getting much injured. My soccer and ice hockey coaches, during off season and school breaks, would warn: "Don't you dare do anything that'll break bones!" Overcoming fear is a skill, and like any skill, it takes practice. Practising with them will do a lot of good to you, even if you are all newbies – it really doesn’t matter. Take Time. If you wear knee pads and wrist guard, you can slide on your hand and knees. The key is learning to trust yourself and practice, practice, practice.. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. That's not me. That specific ratio of 20% braun to 80% brain was most likely pulled from someone’s butt, but it still feels believable because a big part of learning to skate and progressing is dealing with internal fear.