├ Chapter 9 - Last Hope of Krypton The Insurgency Batman continues to listen as Clark admits Doomsday will be tricky, and when Batman reminds him of the collateral damage that fight will no doubt cause, Superman decides he'll have to force that fight elsewhere. When Aquaman demands answers, Ares refuses and the two duel, with Aquaman defeating the weakened Ares. All content, including text, images and other media, provided on this site are owned by GNUB D.O.O. The Insurgency Batman refuses, saying one Superman enough. Informed by Cyborg that they're down to forty-five minutes before the Watchtower is destroyed, Batman, with Green Arrow, replies that they're in position within the underground of Stryker's. The Joker escapes Hawkgirl's grasp with some acid and they battle on the ground, with the Joker defeating her thanks to his enhanced durability. Playing this mode will reveal the stories of the many characters in the game, and unlock their endings. Horrified as he stands over his best friend's body, Superman can only listen to the people's disgusted reactions before he is overwhelmed. Without a word, Hal slips his own ring off and hands it over to Superman. Despite Nightwing's assurance, Batman continues on his way after assuring Dick he'll be there soon. The camera slowly closes up on a heavily guarded interrogation room, where maniacal laughter can be heard from inside revealing the culprit behind this genocide: the Joker. The three attempt to flee when they are confronted by Superman himself. As he looms over her, the Joker grins darkly and bends over to cut off Hawkgirl's wings with his knife when Nightwing sees him and hits him with a batarang. For the sake of argument, let’s say you want to play Arcade Ladder and get the feel of the game. ├ Gear Farming These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. The Joker then tells Superman to leave so he can escape and make further plans to 'top' the destruction of Metropolis. Deciding to take a detour, the Flash finds Sinestro rallying the One Earth's forces and preparing to execute soldiers sympathetic to the fallen Luthor and the Insurgency. The fate of the Earth and the resolution of the superhero conflict established in the first Injustice game plays out in Injustice 2's rather lengthy story mode. Injustice 2 story mode part 2 Drop some mobile games you guys would like to see me play! Below is a list of all Story Mode chapters in Injustice 2, including the main characters that are used for each chapter. Batman weakens Luthor's more powerful armored suit by throwing several explosive batarangs at him, and then finishes him in a fight. He flies back into the city, leading them on and knocks them out of the sky by outmaneuvering them and unleashing another salvo of missiles. Lex tries to get his friend to stay for dinner but Superman promises a later time, but as he leaves, he pauses and asks Lex if it is possible for another Lois Lane to exist in the world the duplicate's are from. Hal learns that his doppelganger on this earth has sided with Sinestro and the other heroes who 'wished to live'. When Wonder Woman questions why he would have her do this, reminding him the coming conflict would empower him, Ares corrects her by saying it would be brief, as once Superman consolidates his rule, he will be powerless. Throwing the knife aside, Harley tells some approaching Joker gang members to back off when they threaten Luthor. The Flash attempts to intervene, but he is too late and defeated by Deathstroke. Batman suddenly pulls his cape over himself and the orderly as several shuriken fly at them. Green Lantern points out that it will be an overwhelming fight when the Insurgency Batman tells them all that because they failed to utilize the kryptonite weapon, he's sending them back to their world and destroying the inter-dimensional transporter. When Clark asks of Kal-El, Batman reveals he and his accomplices will stand trial. The Flash watches them go before finally agreeing with Billy, saying this is not what they signed up for. Other interests are D'n'D, dad rock, complaining about movies, and being the self-appointed office funny man, which nobody else agrees with. Luthor prepares the kryptonite weapon, but just as Superman is in range, Shazam recovers and attacks him with a stream of lightning, allowing Superman to tackle him into the ground, creating a crater while news helicopters circle around. Green Arrow tells him that won't stop the genocidal Superman from following them, and Batman tells him it will give them time to prepare themselves. Cyborg asks what he's missed and Batman replies, "It's a long story.". Laughing, the Clown Prince of Crime further mocks the Dark Knight when he sees him stagger up and the two engage in a fight. Batman decides to split the group up, taking Aquaman with him to restore power to the Batcave while having Green Lantern, Wonder Woman and Green Arrow secure the entrance to the cave. When Luthor questions his sudden change of heart, Deathstroke admits that his torture made it personal. The scene cuts to Superman and Wonder Woman in the Batcave, looking over the scanner with Wonder Woman wondering why Batman risked coming back. Superman suddenly begins to rant about how he made the people safe and gave them peace but all they do is whine and complain, and side with the criminals. The Joker decides to kill Batman and the two battle in the street, with Batman emerging victorious. As the three look down on the unconscious Yellow Lantern, they're further disturbed by this development before being forced to flee into the back alleys at the sound of police sirens. Story Mode Chapter List. Bruce reminds Clark that crime took his family too, but Kal-El counters, "You weren't the gun. When he sees Aquaman rise out of the seas armed with his trident and a swarm of massive undersea crab beasts, the Man of Steel gives the signal to begin the attack. The rock is destroyed, revealing a metallic case inside with the weapon and piece of kryptonite inside. The Joker questions him over switching sides to Superman, but Nightwing only calls Batman a criminal like the Joker. The scene cuts to Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, Aquaman and Green Arrow looking over a very different Gotham City, discussing what possibly happened to send them where they are. The Joker and Nightwing then fight but the Clown Prince of Crime defeats him as well. Click here to go to our Injustice 2 top page! For some reason, the developers didn’t feel like Arcade Ladder should be in the main menu, or even be called that. The League approaches from two fronts, land and sky, with Wonder Woman with Hakwgirl and Shazam while Green Lantern carries Green Arrow and Aquaman while Flash races ahead of them. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. Moments later, Deathstroke arrives at Ferris Aircraft, and overhears Killer Frost discussing with Wonder Woman her discovery of the temporal rifts that brought the duplicates to their earth, possibly revealing the location of the Insurgency's headquarters. Batman leads the duplicate heroes to his lock-downed mansion, and as he disables the security system keeping them out, he explains how Superman exposed his identity and froze all his assets, eliminating his Bruce Wayne persona. These cookies do not store any personal information. The two battle it out, and the Flash emerges triumphant over his friend, telling him he left him no choice. The Joker is amazed when he survives a pointblank blast of machinegun fire thanks to the supplement he took, and helps his clan fight back. Lex asks Harley to lock the Joker up again and Harley tells him to go get Superman. Suddenly, legions of Amazons led by the heroic Wonder Woman appear on the rooftops. You boot up the game, scroll through the menu, and find no sign of Arcade Ladder mode anywhere. Back in the Insurgency base, the two Batmen work together to defeat Bane again, and the Insurgency Batman tells his duplicate they need to move the transporter before it gets damaged or else he and his friends will not be able to return home. The scene cuts to Batman with Green Arrow, with Batman contacting Harley Quinn and ordering her to use the Joker Clan to occupy local law enforcement. After a father and son showdown, Batman stands over his disowned son and declares him dead to him. Moments later, Green Lantern arrives with Wonder Woman, Aquaman and the Insurgency Batman, all of them surrounding the beaten Kal-El. The two teleport onto the Watchtower, and Cyborg quickly gains control over the teleportation controls thanks to the fact when his counterpart hacked his systems, he exposed his pass codes, allowing Cyborg easy access. The treadmill is activated and while Flash finds the right vibrational frequency to the alternate earth, the machine goes haywire, and despite Superman's orders to shut it down, Cyborg tries to salvage the test, only to be drawn into the alternate earth himself.