There are so many parts of the intuitive eating “journey” that can feel so isolating. Gaining weight is very normal for anyone who begins practising intuitive eating after a period of restrictive eating (whether through dieting or restrictive eating disorders). (Because there’s nothing saying that there isn’t room for both.). I wish someone could tell me when I’ll stop gaining. Eat Protein at every meal. At point I’ve gained weight to before going to intuitive eating I loved my body and accepting this new weight, even though certain dieticians of the past have been weary because it’s on the upper end of the “healthy” BMI scale. I just wonder when it will stop? Then came back bc it just seems like the best course for me now that I’ve done some innerwork. Stop the Food Fight, Start Making Food Peace, 7 Steps to Start Healing Your Relationship with Food & Your Body, Give Yourself Space to Heal Your Relationship with Food & Your Body, Learn how to use mindfulness to cultivate peace, presence and awareness with this *FREE* 7-day, Aside from the course content, you will also receive regular email updates on mindful eating and intuitive eating. Weight Gain in Intuitive Eating: 4 Strategies to Cope 1. Don’t eat for emotional reasons. Additionally, I offer individual support for clients in intuitive eating, and am also happy to refer out if you have needs that are outside of my scope. I've been having a tough time. Tagged: Body Acceptance, Ditch The Diet, Ditch The Scale, health at every size, Intuitive eating, Set-Point Weight. Good luck! Also practising forms of self-care, such as engaging in hobbies, spending time alone, spending time with loved ones, meditation, journaling, early nights, time outdoors, reduced screen time etc. It feels like your body is betraying you. All of that said, do you have any favorite resources on what gentle nutrition really looks like in contrast to a diet culture concept of nutrition? It feels wrong say, It's Election Day today in the US. How I ever gained when I was so restricted was beyond my understanding. a non restrictive approach featuring both foods for fuel and foods for fun). Because EVERYWHERE tells me i am now at risk for cancer, diabetes etc except that it’s NOT something I can control. I’m a very active person and I’m finding my muscle building can’t quite keep up with the rate of gain, so I get fatigued abnormally quickly. So I have anxiety that if I say something I’ll be judged no matter what I do and won’t get the support I need. I know I just quoted her last week, but Australian dietitian and researcher Fiona Willer has a saying: “Weight loss is not a time machine.”. Which is why it’s so important to take control of the messages you choose to receive, whether that’s your social media feeds or the books and magazines you choose to read. I’ve gone up 5 sizes in two years. The #1 fear holding most people back from starting intuitive eating is weight gain. Then you so much for this! Your email address will not be published. If we discover that you have breached the terms of the licence (as linked to in the footer above), we may bring legal proceedings against you and seek monetary damages and/or an injunction to stop you using our materials. Consider it a way to be inclusive. Relatively new to IE- I had gone to an IE dietician a year and a half ago and quit after a few months. The number on the scale is not a reflection of your ability to eat intuitively. This is why it’s strongly advised to avoid dieting to manage weight altogether from this point on. (You can unsubscribe at any time. Feel like? Thanks for your comment, Jenni, and sending so much compassion your way. What might your compassionate self say back to those thoughts? When we look at our past through rose-coloured lenses, often we miss what our current body and lifestyle have given us. I've actually been hol, Today is International #DayOfTheGirl. In person, not FB. How does it feel to send your attention and breath to them? Though it may n, M Y  F I R S T  M E M E It also doesn’t help that many intuitive eating “success stories” talk about weight stabilizing, and early intuitive eating research correlates it with lower weight. It would help, but I know it’s impossible. There was an error submitting your subscription. And while I love the spotlight that social media is giving intuitive eating right now it doesn’t give you the full picture of the intuitive eating process. Some questions or journal prompts you might want to explore: What does intuitive eating mean to me? Snag your FREE Ultimate 5 Step Guide To Food Freedom! As with weight gain, I invite you to approach the thoughts and emotions that come up with curiosity. Are there parts that start to soften? Intuitive Eating is a weight-inclusive, evidence-based model with Read more… The more I dieted the more weight I gained. Are my expectations realistic? What inspired me to write this post is that weight gain is probably the #1 concern that comes up in most, if not all, the intuitive eating Facebook groups that I’m a part of. I am both “too big” and “too small”. Here are some strategies to help you work through some of the discomfort. What about all the promises of losing weight when you start to eat intuitively? I just keep gaining…and gaining…and I weigh more now than I ever have…even though the amount of play food I eat has slowed and my view of food has become much more neutral and I have more of a desire to eat a wider variety of foods, even ones that were once used for dieting. No foods are forbidden. I know this is totally cliché, but you are not your thoughts. Some people may lose weight, while others stay the same and many will gain weight as part of a biological response to past restrictive eating behaviours. Fill your social media feeds with body positive accounts and intuitive eating dietitians. Isn’t that the point?! When Will I Finally "Get" Intuitive Eating? Ideally, you will be doing all of the above before focusing on this step, as it’s easy for “looking after your health” to be co-opted into “losing weight for your health”, which basically signals the beginning the diet/binge cycle all over again.