Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies. Since the flowers are not long-lasting like other cut flowers, the seed pods also make a great alternative in floral arrangements. Compass tattoo meaning. Be careful not to over-fertilize your lotus because too much fertilizer may burn the leaves of your plant. The compass tattoo has been a popular choice among a majority of cultures for centuries. Many people also claim that a blue lotus flower is also depicted as one’s love for the religion or has pure intentions. They can last for only a few hours to a day once picked, making them ideal for short-lived arrangements. In Sri Lanka, ancient scripts consider the lotus to be symbolic of virtue and discipline. It will be best to have a tattoo that is not completely closed and the center is not visible. This combination results in a colorful, light design suitable for almost any placement. Consider adding a quote or even a single word that resonates with you, an important date, or the name of someone dear to your heart to your compass tattoo to bring out its deeper meaning. Also, one thing to note is the timing of fertilization. If stylized in the right way, this simple minimalist tattoo will be enough to express the idea of a compass. This flower has a special meaning as it is associated with quite a few of their deities, including Vishnu and Brahama. Enjoy! They are called the Flower of Life because of their association with the cycle of life, death, and rebirth. As such, the lotus is a great tattoo to represent female empowerment and feminist ideals. Although it can tolerate some shade, it thrives best in a sunny and warm environment. These flowers also show how much a person is determined by his life’s goal. For dwarf cultivars, the ideal water depth is between 2 to 12 inches. The red lotus is called the Heart Lotus, usually related to the heart chakra. A lotus flower is a pretty common choice for tattoos and this roots back to the flower’s colors or religious associations. Pick a lotus flower arrangement for celebrating birthdays, anniversaries, a new job or a new home, graduation, a birth or a new baby, and more. Maps and the planet earth play a role as well since they, like compasses, help a user determine their location. Lotus flowers are an incredibly popular subject for tattoos, and with good reason. Lotus flower tattoo is undeniably one of the most beautiful flower tattoos that can be engraved in ones body, and there are so many people in the world who prefer to have it than anything else. They mostly represent self-awakening. It’s a gorgeous flower and there are quite a few lotus flower tattoo meanings to choose from when you get it. For Buddhism, that means the act of rising above despite the challenges and moving towards the light of wisdom. If you strongly believe that your intuition is the most important guiding principle in your life, then this could be the right tattoo for you. There is no any gender restriction for the lotus tattoos as every woman and man can wear these charming tattoos. When planting a lotus, pick a deep pot, planter, or container to allow ample space as the plant grows. The red lotus is more similar to the emotions of heart i.e. Lotus flower is one of the most symbolic tattoos found today. HE will be sitting, holding it furthermore, pink flower is also claimed to be lotus of the Buddha. When it comes tattooing floral tattoos; the lotus flower tattoo comes on top of that. The Egyptian Lotus was associated with the ritual for the passage into the afterlife, and so it makes a good choice for a memorial tattoo. A compass is a tool that determines the direction when on the earth’s surface. As we all know, a compass is used in navigation to determine the direction of north, south, east and west. Either way, the compass tattoo can have a bunch of great meanings that most people would be satisfied with. Of course, the meaning of the tattoo really depends on the specific compass design you choose. Even to this day, people can use the same compass tattoo meanings that others used centuries ago. Lotus flowers in purple are often associated with Buddhism. They come in a range of colors, too, so you have plenty of options. When the light is not sufficient, the plant may have a hard time blooming. They also represent heart, passion, and generosity. In Buddhism, the lotus is a metaphor for the Eightfold Path, and it represents purity of mind, body, and spirit. An orange lotus can also symbolize friendship and community. At first glance, you may think that a lotus flower is just like any other striking bloom adding a nice pop of color to a landscape. The lotus flower is a very popular design for modern day tattoos. Someone who has had a tough time practicing self-control during their lives may find the lotus flower tattoo to be the perfect inspirational tat. Lotus Flower Tattoo Meaning The lotus flower is very common in Eastern cultures, mostly because it has so many meanings to those cultures. Among the various tattoos designs found today, flower tattoos are the most popular ones, specially among females. The lotus was also a common metaphor for female sexuality in the Han and Ming dynasties of China. For this design, the center of the compass can be embellished with an outline of a heart, or the two elements can be tattooed alongside each other. The different tones of red color will show all the characteristics of the heart including good and bad, as the red lotus flower is actually a representation of the nature of the heart. Growing it at home is relatively easy, too. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. In this post we are going to talk about the lotus flower and why so many people choose to get this tattoo. American Lotus, on the other hand, is also called Yellow Lotus because it produces yellow blooms. It is even closely connected to several religions in the world. Moreover, a tattoo is permanent and becomes a part of a person for a lifetime. This design consists of the compass rose – the two crossed lines pointing to the four directions, optionally with the intercardinal directions (e.g. Two popular species are known, namely the Sacred Lotus (Nelumbo nucifera) and the American Lotus (Nelumbo lutea). The Hindus liked this flower to symbolize divine purity and beauty and the expanse of its leaves represents the expanding of the soul, or a spiritual awakening. To make the meaning a bit clearer, you could get other Buddhist imagery around or inside of the lotus flower tattoo. In Buddhism, the symbolism of a lotus flower also differs depending on its color. They can also mean spiritual awakening, beauty, purity, love, or enlightenment. Much of the decision is going to come from the reason you want the tattoo. You can also find some compasses with a transparent baseplate that is notched with a scale of millimeters or inches so that you can use the compass on a map. It somehow relatable to the spirituality or privy association with the religion as it represents the love for Buddhist Gods and Goddesses. Discover (and save!) In Egyptian mythology they associate the blue lotus with the celebration of life and a ritual of passage into the afterlife. The main meaning of compass tattoos, therefore, revolves around the idea of finding your way and staying on course. The moon is one of the most powerful symbols of our lives.