5 - Aspartame is an artificial sweetener that is 160... Ch. 5 - Terephthalic acid is an important chemical used in... Ch. 5 - Considering your answer to Exercise 79, which type... Ch. MATHEMATICAL The kinetic data in the following table were obtained for the reaction of carbon dioxide and water... Women who did not exercise prior to pregnancy should not start exercising during pregnancy. 5 - What mass of nitrogen is present in 5.00 moles of... Ch. 5 - What is the difference between the molar mass and... Ch. Thus, the molecule could contain two "Br-79" atoms, one "Br-79" and one "Br-81" atom, or two "Br-81" atoms. 5 - A new grill has a mass of 30.0 kg. 5 - Which of the following pairs of compounds have the... Ch. Statistically, 25% of bromine molecules will be Br79-Br79, 25% will be Br81-Br81 and 50% will be Br79-Br81. 5 - Atomic masses are relative masses. You put 3.0 kg... Ch. What things do you need to consider when de... One gallon of paint (volume = 3.79 103 m3) covers an area of 25.0 m2. if you look at the molecular ion region, and find two peaks separated by 2 m/z units and with a ratio of 3 : 1 in the peak heights, that tells you that the molecule contains 1 chlorine atom. What about 4? Which of the following are correct formulas for ionic compounds? 5 - An element X bas five major isotopes, which are... Ch. 5 - An element consists of 1.40% of an isotope with... Ch. 5 - A balanced chemical equation contains a large... Ch. 5 - Tetrodotoxin is a toxic chemical found in fugu... Ch. 5 - For the preceding question, which of the following... Ch. The final part should be apparent looking at the combinations above. 5 - What number of molecules (or formula units) are... Ch. Students often have trouble relating measurements in the metric system to the English system they have grown up... Commercial cold packs and hot packs are available for treating athletic injuries. Join Yahoo Answers and get 100 points today. 5 - You have seven closed containers, each with equal... Ch. 5 - Nitrogen gas (N2) and hydrogen gas (H2) react to... Ch. What's the total number of electrons that can fill an ''f'' sublevel . 5 - The mass spectrum of bromine (Br2) consists of... Ch. removes tool for defrauded students, Publix worker's family blames policy for COVID-19 death, Burt's Bees apologizes for offensive holiday ad, Director apologizes for snarky comments made over Zoom, Cowboys strength coach suffers medical emergency, Elon Musk becomes world's 2nd richest man, What Donald Trump liked about being president. 5 - Consider a mixture of potassium chloride and... Ch. 5 - A 2.077-g sample of an element, which has an... Ch. The effect of chlorine or bromine atoms on the mass spectrum of an organic compound 5 - In the production of printed circuit boards for... Ch. 5 - What number of atoms of phosphorus are present in... Ch. Still have questions? Statistically, 25% of bromine molecules will be Br79-Br79, 25% will be Br81-Br81 and 50% will be Br79-Br81. Get answers by asking now. [Hangzhou]86-571-87562588,87562561,87562573, A double beam UV-Visible absorption spectrometer, Electro-spray Ionization Mass Spectrometer, 180-Degree Flight Tube from A. O. Nier Mass Spectrometer, For the Health of Your Brain, Please Pay Attention to Daily Diet. Why does the mass spectrum of Br2 (subscript 2) contain three signals whose heights are almost in the ratio of 1:2:1? The peaks in a mass spectrum reflect this relative abundance of the different-massed bromine molecules. bromine has two isotopes (well, it has more, but only two that really matter). 5 - You may have noticed that water sometimes drips... Ch. 5 - Consider an iron bar on a balance as shown. for Cl use 35 not 35.5, or, for Br use 79 and not 80) 35 Cl : 37 Cl exists naturally in an almost 3:1 ratio, so we observe peaks at "M" (molecules with an atom of 35 Cl) and "M+2" (molecules an atom of 37 Cl) are obtained with relative intensity 3:1 In what way has biotechnology had an impact on agriculture in the United States? 5 - What is the difference between the empirical and... Ch. What does this... Ch. The M+ and M+2 peaks are therefore at m/z values given by: Do the dipoles cancel in this molecule? This will give rise to three molecular ion peaks, each separated by two mass units. 5 - Consider the following mixture of SO2(g) and... Ch. If an equilibrium mixture contains 0.44 M IBr and 1.1×10−2 M I2, what is the molar concentration of Br2? A bromine molecule could be made up of 2 atoms of Br-79, or of two atoms of Br-81, or of one atom of Br-79 and one atom of Br-81.