hi i am 23 years old and about four years ago i had a piece of shrapnel steel go through my left eye. I doubt there is any “magic” to be found with a third opinion. Preliminary report. I was operated on 14/4/11 and as instructed by the doctor placed my head in a downward position for 7 days. Right now, my vision is poor in this eye, and it seems that my brain has trouble adjusting due to the non-surgery eye having a -7.00 power with little astigmatism, and the surgery eye having a -.50 (used to be approx. Doctors in singapore advises to do a surgery asap. Br J Ophthalmol 2001;85:179-83. It remains well controlled with one daily drop of Timoptic. I continued to see this physician weekly until the 1st week of April 2011 when I noticed very large swirling lines and dots in front of my left eye. Should it be placed there forever or we need to remove it as soon as possible? When I went to the doctor, he said I had a retinal detachment from below and immediately he suggested that silicone oil be used. Thanks for getting back with the previous message. You should have her examined. For the time the oil is in place, however, the vision is usually poor, but the oil may increase the visual prognosis in the long term. In order to have the best experience on our sites, we recommend that users utilize the latest available versions of web browsers and assistive technology. They said he can live with it. My mother had her Retinal detachment surgery— vitrectomy (macular-hole) in March end 2013,in India. Is there any sude effict for leaving the silicon oil for the rest of my life in my eye ?! I wonder if there are some other details that may shed some light on this? 0000017515 00000 n I translated the above message via Google, to read: I am Brazilian, I have 48 years in 1996 did surgery to correct myopia I know when I had the gas ones done I could not even drive on an elevated highway. That was done on December 6 of 2012 It has now been 16 weeks since I had the surgery At 12 weeks I became allergic to the atropine eyedrops . Arch Ophthalmol 1992;110:770-9. Also, I don’t want to have to have surgery every few weeks, I just want this fixing 1. Dr. Randy – your blog is very helpful. I wish you all the best. The longer and more repeated you’ve had the macula detach, the worse your prognosis. With regard to the retinal holes…get them lasered if that’s what is recommended! My only hope is that the macula can regain some of its function over time. Thank you Dominic Cusumano. Is there pain or vision loss during procedure does most of the oil come out I Plan to take 2 wks off. It was in the right eye, and it is very blrry. If no gas, then quickest recovery. Though I had my surgeries in USA, I am also living in Asia (Sri Lanka) and would be interested to know if there is a professional organization or some way of knowing if doctors and facilities in the region are well trained in retinal care and surgery. My humble question is that may i get 100 per cent vision ? Many retinal surgeons will consider removal of the silicone oil after approximately 3 months, since that time frame allows the laser to have its maximum effect. I do not know but it was my 2nd operation of RD with PVR. Thank you . i can see if i see indirectly to the object but straight it is not visible Today, 2/8/11, I saw my retina physician/surgeon and she says I now am 40% detached and that it is my decision if I want to continue or should be satisfied to be 60% attached and not have further surgery. When asking if it could drop even with the oil? What a tough scenario. Initially, about three years ago, I had a small detachment on the nasal side of the retina, and, my surgeon was able to isolate that detachment with laser work. I have gone through Retina detachment surgery- R/E VR Surgery + SOI+ Endolaser done in mid of july. All rights reserved. He thought it would remain stable, as the optic nerve was blocking the detached portion from progressing toward the macula. 0000048574 00000 n Monthly checks during the past 3 mths have indicated reattachment Ok, and the doc says that once the gas is absorbed vision should improve. “To avoid getting silicone oil in the subretinal space, surgeons should visually confirm that the cannula tip is not in the subretinal space,” Dr. Kunimoto said. But his vision is doubled, and sees from the bottom of the effected eye. Is it worth going furthur? If you are redetaching due to recurrent scar tissue….your prognosis is much, much better. THANK YOU. How longer time may required for 100% vision sir? 0000135049 00000 n I can count fingers,see all around the room as if looking through murky water and am driving again for the first time since last July. Is there anyway to safely correct this? could you say if the damage is permanent or can get worse. My husband retnia came down like wall paper, floating in his eye, wonder if thats why its not taking. Option 2) take out the oil & change a new lens.after this operation there will be 30% vision left.But there is a risk where retina will detach again. Redetached same year and reattached with silicone oil. I would assume that seeing with oil blocks vision? My cornea was effected, and I asked my doctor to remove the silicon gel or oil and he would not do it. Yup, sad wife. She says there is now scar tissue and she is certain I would have suffered yet another detachment already if the silicone oil was not in place. He wants to leave things alone until Jan/Feb 2014. I’ve asked my Primary care to give me a referral for a second opinion as I feel this guy is distroying my eye totally.. At wk 7 I noticed like a bubble light that comes up and goes away… it was mostly bottom left corner but now it seems pop in bottom right or side left — like a bubble that comes out of perpherial and goes away (but it’s lighted)comes up a little then goes away. Surgeon noted entire retina was weakly attached on July 3! Unfortunately, many times the oil is used after many, many surgeries and the eye is well on it’s way to shutting down…often blamed on the oil. 3. Can you give me any advice of what you think would be best? They decided to leave the oil in and not remove it at all, because he has no vision in his right eye anyway. Results: Patient compliance with the scheduled time for SOR was more in the early removal series. Oregon Dr. wants to remove silicone oil. thanks. If portions of the retina are detached, I am somewhat cautious as redetachment is likely. I do have a recommendation for Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I think because i have so many floaters from the silicone oil thats left and the central vision is getting so poor and the eye is so uncomfortable its all a bit disheartening. When driving or How well will I be able to see through the oil? Thanks very much Not sure when to just give up. The best reason to use oil is due to the fact that it does not absorb. Silicone oil has a much different “index of refraction.” This is the property of a substance to pass light. Both gas and oil may, or may not, be used in retinal detachment surgery (e.g. my Father got retinal detachment problem then the doctor in karachi Pakistan done following procedures I have just had a vitrectomy to remove the silicon oil from my eye after a retinal detachment seven months ago. hazel. Many thanks for writing and sharing. I have had laser surgery to repair retinal tears in both eyes in 2009 and in February 2011 I was diagnosed with a retinal attachement in my right eye. http://www.TotalRetina.com We strive to make all of our content accessible to all users and continually work to improve various features of our sites. Doctor did not mentioned any special head position after surgery. Can I have a kind advise, if it is possible? Can you please help me and give some advice? Your opinion is much appreciated, tq. My retina was totally detached and a new surgeon performed complex retina surgery and once again silicone oil was used. The next day I had retina surgery And a vitrectomy With a short acting gas bubble. In my opinion, oil reduces the chances of re-detachment, especially if you’ve got PVR (you need to ask). i left message last year about my concern after surgey to repair the retinal tears and holes with silicone oil and laser treatment as the silicone oil had been in for a year.