Need help? "In this painting, the colors subtly represent memories," Peruvian artist David Fernandez explains. This template has a very different and unique look. Titled "Libertad" in Spanish. Default Newest Price: Lowest Price: Highest. Oil Paintings have been a spectrum of fascination for long. Spring yellow.. #44245765 - colorful abstract geometric background,digital painting. #118568071 - Pink fluid art marbling paint textured background. Oil.. The color blue happens to be the most predominant color. This is one of the best abstract oil painting collections that one can see amongst the digital templates. #43033362 - painting of beautiful autumn forest,illustration, #42280515 - crowd of people walking in the market at night,digital painting. Sunset.. #69687825 - Oil painting colorful autumn trees. Sunset.. #35891095 - oil painting landscape - autumn forest, full of fallen leaves,.. #45175401 - man climbing on stone wall trying to open safe,illustration painting. A female torso, leaves and flowers seem to emerge from an abstract background of quiet beauty. The template is supported through a vector format and also contains EPS 10. Whether you are looking for an original Abstract painting or a high quality art print, Saatchi Art has over 235,324 original Abstract paintings for sale from emerging artists around the world. Oil Abstract Paintings From Bali And Java, Join the 75,000 curious souls who subscribe to our. Oil Paintings have been a spectrum of fascination for long. #45175404 - man flying with colorful balloons in beautiful cloudy sky,illustration.. #44245743 - illustration painting of king walking through sea beach next.. #47326468 - Abstract watercolor, oil painting background. It has been done on a background of 48 X 40 inches. #44390299 - painting of vintage bicycle with bucket full of flowers. Sort By. The current array of templates are some fabulous examples of best abstract oil painting collections that are used for the purpose of making backgrounds for different kinds of templates. Hand painted violet,.. #106235372 - Colorful oil painting on canvas texture. Oil.. #87696664 - Abstract colorful oil painting on canvas texture. The array of colors is mainly pink and magenta pointed hence the template has rather young and girly feeling. #87514444 - Abstract colorful oil painting on canvas. Abstract paintings elicit emotional reactions from viewers through the use of colors, lines, and shapes which don't necessarily reflect any specific objects from reality. In the modern times these painting backdrops are created digitally form the background templates for various purposes. "frequencies and overtones I", 2020, framed artwork, ICH FINDE MENSCHEN EINFACH NICHT SO GEIL EGAL WELCHER HAUTFARBE, 2015, mixed media on canvas, 190x165cm. Clear All Filters (3) Category. Impressionism image.. #100743075 - abstract texture with blue and orange acrylic paint. #60316546 - Acrylic painting abstract texture. Some of them are very flashy, while the others are demure. Hand Painted Impressionist,.. #43647003 - landscape painting of fishing village in summer. #69687823 - Oil painting landscape - colorful autumn trees. The various abstract oil painting collections can prove to be very suitable backgrounds to present a number of ideas. #94231174 - original Painting abstract man and woman are dancing on sunset... #43543682 - Abstract flowers watercolor painting.Hand paint White flower.. #107571770 - Original handmade abstract oil painting bright flowers made palette.. #122854514 - Abstract pastel colored brushstrokes background. This painting offers a view through a window, revealing colorful abstract forms that evoke climbing skyscrapers. Titled "Sueño de grandeza" in Spanish. Unless noted, I am not the owner of these photos. ►Because all of our paintings are handmade and often custom ordered, so minor or subtle changes may occur with…, Welcome to my shop,Art is everywhere,This is an original abstract painting, you can understand this painting in detail ►This shop works are original works of artists. V-inspire Art,30x40 inch Abstract Art Landscape Oil Painting On Canvas Contemporary Art Wall Paintings Handmade Painting Home Decorations Canvas Wall Art Painting Ready to Hang. Bright artistic background in.. #49265074 - Painted canvas texture background, #53376888 - Abstract oil painting illustration, #100750738 - close up of splatters of oil paint on abstract background. Hand drawn.. #44954076 - child holding balloons standing in front of fantasy storm,illustration.. #43647008 - colorful painting with bottle of wine,illustration. Kai Fine Art is an art website, shows painting and illustration works all over the world.