This was also the first year that the scores were only re-read by the hosts in one language. As is traditional with the Eurovision song contest, neighbours often voted for each other with the Balkan countries giving each other a major share of the votes. Results of Ukrainian televoting were announced by radio DJ, producer and presenter Pavlo Shylko also known as DJ Pasha. 17,029 pages were read in the last minute. In the event of a tie, the number of countries to vote for the tying songs would be counted, and the song having the most countries awarding points to it, would be the winner. Toplam 330 dakikalık DVD'lerin yanı sıra CD'lerde her ülkenin şarkısı bulunmaktadır. Ukraine. Eurovision 2004 Ukraine: Ruslana - … [1] Korhan Abay and Meltem Cumbul were presenters of the show. [2], Sunuculuğunu Meltem Cumbul ve Korhan Abay'ın üstlendiği yarışma yarı finalli sistemin uygulandığı ilk Eurovision Şarkı Yarışması'dır. Albania, Andorra, Belarus and Serbia and Montenegro took part for the first time this year. Here, she performed 11th in the running order, following Greece's Sakis Rouvas and preceding Lithuania's Linas and Simona. The Eurovision Song Contest 2004 was the 49th edition of the annual Eurovision Song Contest. [2] He was due to provide reportages from Istanbul for the Euroserie TV show on this music channel when NTU invited him to commentate their live broadcasts. Consequently, some votes were not counted in the results announced at the end of the broadcast of the semi-final. Ruslana, a successful singer, producer, dancer and composer in her home country, won for her song Wild Dance. Commentary was provided by then a presenter and reporter of M1 music channel Rodion Pryntsevskyi. British singer Lisa Andreas, 16, took joint fifth place with Sweden, performing a song for Cyprus. В 2004 году самой певучей страной Европы признали Украину. This page was last edited on 10 November 2020, at 10:02. [31], Eurovision Song Contest: Istanbul 2004 was the official compilation album of the 2004 Contest, put together by the European Broadcasting Union and released by EMI Records and CMC International on 26 April 2004. Her mother was born on the island. Geriye yarışmanın yapılabileceği iki yer kaldı. Победу нам принесла Руслана с ее «Дикими танцами». When the results were corrected to include these additional votes, they were found not to have affected which countries had qualified for the Final.[1]. Contest debutants Serbia and Montenegro were second, with Greece third. Luxembourg were due to return after an absence of 11 years, but later pulled out after money issues arose between RTL and the EBU. By continuing to actively use this website, you agree to our use of cookies. In this contest, the top 3 songs all got over 200 points. The official lyrics of Wild Dances are not (yet) available. Founded by Christer Björkman (Sweden's representative in the 1992 Eurovision Song Contest and current Head of Delegation for Sweden) and Richard Herrey (member of the Herreys, Eurovision Song Contest 1984 winner from Sweden), the awards are named after the creator of the annual competition, Marcel Bezençon. Ruslana became Ukraine’s first winner of the Eurovision Song Contest in 2004 and the Contest was held in the capital Kyiv the following year. Because Ukraine placed 14th at the 2003 contest, Ruslana was forced to compete in the first Eurovision semi-final, held on 12 May 2004. Because of this, Denmark, Finland, Lithuania, Macedonia, Monaco and Switzerland all returned to the contest. down to 1. It featured small puppets of the band performing snippets of their songs (the voices being the ones of the band) and featured Rik Mayall as the record company manager. Ruslana represented Ukraine at the Eurovision Song Contest 2004 in Turkey with the song Wild Dances. Ukraine hosted the 2005 and 2017 contests in Kyiv. Bu yılki logoda Eurovision yazısındaki "V" harfi bir kalp şeklindedir ve bu kalbin içine ev sahibi ülkenin bayrağı eklenmiştir. After all performances were completed, each country opened their phone lines to allow their viewers to vote for their favourite song. 9 of those 14 entries have finished in the top 10, 5 have finished in the top 3, and 2 have been winners. Later, an official EBU statement read that there had been technical problems at the side of the Croatian mobile service provider, who neglected to delete the illegal votes from the results. Ukraine was the winner of Eurovision 2004 with 280 points. Entries received by NTU were reviewed by a jury, with the winner being Ruslana Lyzhychko, becoming the second Ukrainian entry at Eurovision. Last year the event was won by Turkey's Sertab Erener with the UK coming last, receiving no points. [4], 2008 Mayıs ayı (D&R şubelerinde indirimliler köşesinde, "Only choice for Eurovision 2004: İstanbul", Congratulations: Eurovision Şarkı Yarışması'nın 50 Yılı, Großer Sendesaal des hessischen Rundfunks,Şarkı_Yarışması&oldid=24067271, Vikiveri ve Vikipedi üzerindeki resmî site verisi farklı olan sayfalar, Creative Commons Atıf-BenzerPaylaşım Lisansı, Estonya, İsrail, İzlanda, Letonya, Litvanya, Polonya, Rusya, Türkiye, Avusturya, Bosna-Hersek, Hırvatistan, İsveç, İsviçre, Slovenya, Ukrayna, Arnavutluk, Birleşik Krallık, Kıbrıs, Malta, Romanya. Ruslana's high tempo song impressed Europe, Greece and Cyprus both gave each other maximum points, Norway gave its 12 points to Nordic neighbour Sweden, The BBC is not responsible for the content of external internet sites, This year's Eurovision Song Contest is an exotic show. [1] An official CD was released and, for the first time, the entire contest was released on DVD which included the Semi-final and the Grand Final.