Pilot Custom 823 Fountain Pens. The nib is a medium and though I prefer a fine, the guy was selling it on craigslist for $90. Ok rant aside, the cap unscrews in 1.5 revolutions. Sale Pilot Custom 823 Fountain Pen, Amber Barrel, Blue Ink, Fine Nib (60558) on the cheapest price. The only store that I know of that actually sells the Pilot 823 w/ an FA nib already on it is Tokyo Quill Shop. If you’re seeking for a great deal on the Pilot Custom 823 Fountain Pen, Amber Barrel, Blue Ink, Broad Nib (60563), we can help.We have already found all around several online stores to find discounted prices for the Pilot Custom 823 Fountain Pen, Amber Barrel, Blue Ink, Broad Nib (60563). The cartridge converter version is the Custom 743, which costs around a … Note the FA nib is also size 15, meaning it is different from the ones on the Falcon and 912 FA pens. At $288 here in the US, the Pilot Custom 823 straddles the line for me between workhorse pen and high-end pen. The black body color and gold trim give the pen a classic, sophisticated look, while the translucent demonstrator design gives it a modern twist and lets you admire the ink inside the pen. The Pilot Custom 912 is one of those pens that's attractive in that distinguished "black pen with rhodium trim" kind of way, but it's main purpose is to act as the showpiece for Pilot's specialty nibs, including the stub (SU), the Waverly (WA), Posting (PO), Music, Soft Fine (SF), and the Falcon (FA) nibs. The translucent smoky amber cap and barrel, visible ink supply, and unique writing system make refilling effortless. The price of the pen over charged. Barrel width 12.5 mm Weight (with cap) 29 gr. The Pilot Falcon is one of very few fountain pens I can whole-heartedly recommend to people looking to spend more than $100. 2. Pilot Falcon - posted in Japan - Asia: Anyone able to compare the CH 912 FA nib and the regular Pilot Falcon nib? Edit: another consideration, depending on your ink using habits is that the 823 must get a … Can somebody help? Shop Now. Pilot Custom Urushi Fountain Pens. Even with its high price this pen would be a grail pen if it had an Ebonite feed and it was fitted with the semi-flexible #30 FA nib. Nib Grade : No.15/14K Solid Gold. Here are five things I love about it. I prefer piston fill to vacuum fill and the 823 looks like every other cigar-shaped-pen-with-gold-trim-how-original. Writing sample of my Pilot 823 FA nib was tuned and narrowed from the Fine-Medium FA nibs come as to an Extra-Fine by Mark Bacas if NibGrinder.com. The Pilot Custom 823 is a full-sized vacuum-filler equipped with a sizeable #15 14k nib. Pilot fountain pen custom 823 FKK3MRPBNM Brown nib:Medium See more like this S Y H P O 3 N S O R 7 E D K 9 R C NAMIKI Custom 823 No.15 Large M Medium Nib 14Kt Black FKK-3MRP-TB-M PILOT New we have a new member for the Pilot Custom family, the Custom Urushi with #30 nib, from the left, Custom Urushi, 845, 823, 743, 742, 74, 912, 91 and 92 … Combining a unique demonstrator style with a fun-to-use, vacuum filling system, the Custom 823 contains the largest ink reservoir from Pilot which holds 1.5ml of ink. This fountain pen features a 14k gold nib, matching gold trim, and a vacuum filling system. The only difference is the size. Buy Now. The feed, as can be expected at this price point, is plastic. PILOT Custom 912 Fountain Pen, Black Barrel, FA Falcon Nib (71619) Cross Fountain Pen Converter Screw-in Style. Personally I think the boring design of Pilot pens is really going to be their undoing. Large translucent resin fountain pens with a 14kt gold nib and vacuum filler. The Custom 823 is a high-end vacuum-filling fountain pen from Pilot. Buy Pilot Custom 823 Fountain Pen, Amber Barrel, Blue Ink, Broad Nib (60563) Cheap Price. The most popular reviews concerning… I recently bought a Pilot Custom 823 from someone local to me. The smoky transparent amber cap and barrel visible ink supply and unique writing system make refilling effortless. Pilot Custom 823 Fountain Pen, Amber Barrel, Blue Ink, Fine Nib (60558) has choosed by many people in USA to buy. Thanks in advance. Replacement 18kt gold nib units for the Vanishing Point and Décimo. The Pilot 823 Custom is supposed to be the premier pen for the more or less discerning buyer. But the Pilot 743 w/ FA nib is already like $300. I bought this pen from one of the many Japanese ebayers selling these for ~$200 USD brand new. A unique alternative to the everyday fountain pen the new Custom 823 by Pilot is in a league of its own. PILOT Custom Heritage 91 New Design Fountain Pen - Black EF (Extra Fine) F (Fine) SF (Soft Fine) FM (Fine Medium) SFM (Soft Fine Medium) M (Medium) SM (Soft Medium) B (Broad) BB (Double Broad) $110.00 USD $120.00 USD The 845, 823, 743 all uses size 15 nibs. I recently purchased the Falcon and now Im having buyers regret hearing that the FA nib on the Custom Heritage 912 and the Custom 742 are even better. A unique alternative to the everyday fountain pen, the Pilot Custom 823 is in a league of its own. Page 1 of 3 - Pilot Fa Nib Vs. PILOT Custom 823 Fountain Pen Smoke Black Demonstrator Special Nib - FA, WA and more ... $315.00 USD. Warranty 2 years Country of Manufacture Japan Check Best Price Pilot Custom 823 Fountain Pen, Amber Barrel, Blue Ink, Fine Nib (60558) Reviews Today You can Buy Cheap Sale Deals Pilot 60558 Price is best Discover the perfect Michele for your future. We are specialized in providing the widest range of fountain pen nibs and customize them to your requeriments. You can Get special offers Pilot Custom 823 Fountain Pen, Amber Barrel, Blue Ink, Fine Nib (60558) with best price get it click Link!. My enthusiasm for the Pilot Falcon has not diminished one bit since my initial review was published in June of 2014. 79 Pilot Fountain Pen Custom HERITAGE 912 Stub Nib - Black Body - (FKVH-2MR-B-SU) 4.9 out of 5 stars 11 ... 3.0 out of 5 stars Performance of the Pen and its nib is very good. Line Custom Reference NC823N Material Acrylic Resin Trim Gold Color Black Nib 14k Gold Filling System Piston Filler Closing System Screw-on Closed length 149 mm. Weight (without cap) 19 gr. The nib is extremely smooth, though the upstrokes were very dry (to the point where there was no flow). Converter : No, Reservoir fill system. Nib-wise, the Custom 823 implements size 15 nibs (in Pilot's way of sizing), but out of the 14 available points of this size, only three, according to the catalog, are available on the Custom 823: F, M, and B. Some shops, at least in Tokyo, also offer other nib points, particularly the waverly (WA) and the falcon (FA). Pilot Custom 823 Fountain Pen . A customer sent me a review of our Pilot FA replacement feeds 912E and 912EN. Under the cap is a size 15 (Pilot size) 14k gold nib. I can't remember the site or the post. In fact, it might just be my favourite pen. The Custom 823 Smoke arrives in a striking silver sateen lined Pilot gift box with a 70ml bottle of Pilot blue fountain pen ink included. Model : Custom 823. Posted Length 164 mm. Pilot Fountain Pen Custom 742, Black Body, FA-Nib 3.7 out of 5 stars 62 £215.79 £ 215 . Pilot of Japan manufactures the 823 in additional colors, but here in the US, the amber acrylic is the only varation available. Jun 16, 2017 - Review: Pilot Custom 823 With Fa Nib - posted in Fountain Pen Reviews: Pilot Custom 823-FA Fountain Pen The Pilot Custom 823 holds a couple of special places in my small collection of fountain pens thus far - it is my first vacuum filler, as well as my most flexible nib. Daffodil --14K nib . Barrel length 131 mm. It’s one of the brands premium pens, and one of the most expensive pens that doesn’t use exotic materials, limited editions, or hand-painting techniques (or anything else that would increase the price without fundamentally changing the writing experience). It was that preference that led me to try the Pilot Custom Heritage 912 with the FA, or Falcon, nib. 100% Authentic or Your Money Back . The pen is only available with the Pilot #30 nib in FM, M, or B tipping, that’s just three choices out of the 15 nib types total that are avalable with some other Pilot Custom series pens.