He paused when he noticed Aug 10, 2017 - The History Of Precious Moments: The Original 21 Precious Moments Figurines The founder of Precious Moments and his business partners made the faithful choice early on to let God run the entire show, and the success they experienced after the public first saw the Original 21 Precious Moments figurines in 1979 was bey… Left to Right: We Have Seen His Star, Jesus Loves Me, God Understands, Smile God Loves You. In a parallel with real life, that awkward incident inspired something beautiful;  This piece was the first Precious Moments drawing. Pictured: The 2015 Precious Moments Club Gift Kit Your Friendship Brings Joy To My Life. We don't know when or if this item will be back in stock. Precious Moments. She was always dedicated to saving animals in need or helping out her friends. This figurine is one of the original twenty-one and stands 4.75 inches tall. It takes roughly one full year to create each new figurine from concept to distribution, Precious Moments told WomansWorld.com. Each of the beloved, doe-eyed models were designed by artist Samuel J. The original art was stolen from the Jonathan and David Company. Save thousands with these tricks and tools. He eventually went back to buy the figurine, leaving it on his kitchen table for his wife to see as soon as she returned home. Have you been to the Precious Moments Chapel in Carthage Missouri for the annual Family Reunion Event? Although the retailers did not have high hopes for product sales, they took a chance because of the excellent quality and stellar reputations of everyone involved. Members also receive a joining gift and the opportunity to purchase exclusive figurines. Sam Butcher hardly just crafted cute figurines. But in less than two years after the figurines hit the shelves of gift stores across the nation, there were tens of thousands of members of the Precious Moments Collectors’ Club and by 1994, Precious Moments figurines had become a worldwide collectible phenomenon. The Precious Moments Original 21 Figurines were introduced by Enesco in 1979. Choose Options . The two members only figurines include: just a little note to say you brighten my day and good friends are so uplifting. Before becoming a success with his figurines, Butcher worked as a janitor to supplement his income as a “chalkboard minister.” The first Precious Moments figurines were produced in 1978. "Love One Another" was the first drawing every made by Sam Butcher. After production began in 1978, Precious Moments took the gift-giving industry by storm. While her friends were spending their babysitting money on fashionable clothes, Debbie was spending her hard-earned money at the veterinarian's office. Shop with confidence. If you'd like to read more about our history, please click on a title below: Part 1, Sam Butcher's Faithful Path To A Dream, Part 2, The Founding Of Jonathan And David. How One Woman Started a Small Business Helping Seniors (And Makes $1,500 a Month! Of course, regardless of how much you might be able to earn selling them, the true value of each iconic figurine lies in the joy, comfort, and love they’re able to give all on their own. The first, Timmy's Gift, was a 1991 Christmas Special in which a young boy follows a star to the newborn Jesus. It`s, Robert Harrop  created this wonderful set of official Roald Dahl figurines, Collecting Horse Brasses. Left to Right: Unto Us a Child Is Born, Jesus Is Born, His Burden Is Light, and Come Let Us Adore Him. Take a look below to see if you own one of the “Original 21” Precious Moments figurines, and to learn their current value. The “Jesus Loves Me” figurine was issued as two versions: one featuring a girl, as shown above, and one featuring a boy. Were you a lucky birthday girl, or a happy bride? There are several "Chapel Exclusive" figurines that can only be purchased in the gift shop. The company also retires two to three of their designs every year. Although 20 of the Original 21 Precious Moments figurines have been retired ( Love One Another when he was inspired by the sight of his young daughter Tammy and her uncle sitting together on a simple tree stump. Leesa Mattress Sale: Save Up To $500 on Their Most Popular Beds! This particular design, a girl giving away free puppies, was retired in 1981. Precious Moments Complete Set 21 Original. Make A Joyful Noise figurine is only available at the Precious Moments Gift Shoppe, you can buy a phone case that features Sam Butcher's original illustration for this classic figurine.