All work will be performed internally. Responsible for ensuring all testing is complete and documented in accordance with TSI standards. Project team directory for all communications is: Meetings: The Project Manager will distribute a meeting agenda at least 2 days prior to any scheduled meeting and all participants are expected to review the agenda prior to the meeting. The Cost Management Plan clearly defines how the costs on a project will be managed throughout the project’s lifecycle. The Project Manager will negotiate with all necessary TSI functional managers in order to identify and assign resources for the SmartVoice Project. Cost variances of 20%, or +/- 0.2 in the cost and schedule performance indexes will change the status of the cost to red or critical. Look back at the Project Charter for information to include in this section. Financial performance of the SmartVoice Project will be measured through earned value calculations pertaining to the project’s cost accounts. By having a solid communications management approach you’ll find that many project management problems can be avoided. Email should be distributed to the correct project participants in accordance with the communication matrix above based on its content. It sets the format and standards by which the project costs are measured, reported, and controlled. This section should include discussion on matrixed or projectized organizational structure depending on which is being used for this project. Responsible for working with the Project Manager to create work packages, manage risk, manage schedule, identify requirements, and create reports. While this project requires minimal or no procurement, in the event procurement is required, the Project Manager will work with the project team to identify all items or services to be procured for the successful completion of the project. The schedule will be maintained as a MS Project Gantt Chart by the SmartVoice Project Manager. The Project Manager will also measure performance as it relates to the vendor providing necessary goods and/or services and communicate this to the purchasing and contracts groups. A benefits realization plan template identifies how the benefits processes will be implemented in a project. Upon acceptance of the scope change request the Project Manager will submit the scope change request to the Change Control Board and Project Sponsor for acceptance. Once a preliminary schedule has been developed, it will be reviewed by the project team and any resources tentatively assigned to project tasks. The software must meet or exceed the quality baseline values in order to achieve success. The purpose of this baseline is to provide a basis for ensuring that quality can be measured to determine if acceptable quality levels have been achieved. The inputs to the Benefits Management Plan come from the Business Case for the project, which should detail the actual benefits that are expected of the project in order to justify the project. The project stakeholders will participate in reviews of the proposed schedule and assist in its validation. If any changes are proposed and approved by the Project Sponsor and CCB, the Project Manager is responsible for communicating the changes to the project team and updating all project plans and documentation. For complex or large projects the Change Management Plan may be included as an appendix to the Project Management Plan or as a separate, stand-alone document. The most likely and highest impact risks were added to the project schedule to ensure that the assigned risk managers take the necessary steps to implement the mitigation response at the appropriate time during the schedule. All change requests will be submitted to the Project Manager who will then evaluate the requested scope change. BENEFITS: Value that is created for the project sponsor or beneficiary as a result of the successful completion of a project. This section of the project plan should also include how resources will be procured and managed as well as the key resources needed for the project. Any proposed changes to the schedule will follow TSI’s change control process. Upon the completion of the project, during the closing process, the project manager will analyze each risk as well as the risk management process. The schedule baseline and work breakdown structure (WBS) should be created in Microsoft Project. These guidelines may include which level of the WBS cost accounts will be created in and the establishment of acceptable variances. The plan template is normally separated into … It is important for all projects to clearly define and communicate quality standards and the quality baseline serves this purpose. For the SmartVoice Project, control accounts will be created at the fourth level of the WBS which is where all costs and performance will be managed and tracked. This detail should include what the project does and does not include. We have a detailed Communications Management Plan Template available on our website. In accordance with TSI’s organizational standard, the following will be designated as milestones for all project schedules: Roles and responsibilities for schedule development are as follows: The project manager will be responsible for facilitating work package definition, sequencing, and estimating duration and resources with the project team. This section of the project management plan template gives you an place where you should also identify who has approval authority for changes to the project, who submits the changes, how they are tracked and monitored. The Risk Register for this project is provided in Appendix C, Risk Register. Informal Communications: While informal communication is a part of every project and is necessary for successful project completion, any issues, concerns, or updates that arise from informal discussion between team members must be communicated to the Project Manager so the appropriate action may be taken. The Testing Specialist will be managed by the Project Manager who will also provide feedback to the functional manager for performance evaluations.