Amardeep Jha as Mrs. Rastogi – Raju's mother, who is a retired schoolteacher and tireless complainer. Yes. Farhan Qureshi Raju was someone who wanted to become an engineer unlike Farhan, and he was passionate about his field, too. He is Indian by natinoanliy. We should not waste it for nothing. Rancho: [to Raju & Farhan] Yes. share we keep up a correspondence more approximately your article on AOL? I'm not very techy but I'm an IT student. Raju started off in bed when Farhan called him to wake up to meet Rancho. Rancho We should learn how to hope for the future, not only seeing what the present is. Viru Sahastrabudhhe: [Angrily looks for Raju in the class] Raju Rastogi? Raju Rastogi : So what is your actual name? Farhan Qureshi: What? Raju Rastugi may have once wanted to abandon his life, but he was given a second chance to live and correct his life. Raju Rastogi As Rancho continued Farhan and Raju both urinated on the directors door shouting "AAL IZ WELL!" After intensive care and support from his friends, Raju recovers just before he successfully interviews for a corporate job. Pia V. Sahastrabudhhe Farhan's passion is wildlife photography, but he pursues an engineering degree to appease his father. Pia V. Sahastrabudhhe: [Now that everyone knows, Rancho's real surname is not Chhanchhad] Thank God, after marriage my name wont be Pia Chhanchhad! We should value life because it is only given to us once, and we do not have the right to take it away from us. Viru Sahastrabudhhe Because of that Virus suggested to rusticate Rancho as he was also causing trouble the preceding night. Virus with a flashlight walked down to see who caused trouble and Virus found Raju when he showed his head in the flashlight. This articles therefore, gave me a great deal of insight into my own mind and has surely put some sense into my mind. As a celebration Farhan and Rancho threw darts in a picture of the principal and ran away when they saw Pia coming. Just like to Farhan, Rancho did not give up on Raju, especially when he was always there in the hospital taking care of him. Pia V. Sahastrabudhhe : [Now that everyone knows, Rancho's real surname is not Chhanchhad] Thank God, after marriage my name wont be Pia Chhanchhad! : Nice review Nine.. . However, we see that Raju was regretful about that certain event in his life, and after that, he changed for good. Engineering is my passion. Also the gang drank some orange rum to feel better from Virus. Ranchoddas Shamaldas Chanchad advised him to take of the rings and to not fear about the future. He was the current able man of the family and because of that Raju bore the burden of sustaining the entire family. Why? We should set out goals. Assuming Rancho to just be a school teacher, Chatur forces him to concede that he is less successful than Chatur. True, he could have been released from the pressures by dying, but what about the pressures left behind to his family—to his friends? I'm in love with machine. Vrrrrrrrooom. Pia V. Sahastrabudhhe: [Thinking of her future name] Pia Wangdu? As he was so excited he left his pants and socks behind. That what makes him the weakest character among the three. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Thankyou! Raju Rastogi You may keep your job, and let me keep my attitude. As for Raju, having Rancho as his friend also contributes a lot in developing his character. Virus stops the teaching and looks for Raju. He comes from a film industry background as his father was a film producer and his uncle was also a film-maker. Raju Rastogi Ranchoddas Chanchad (also known as Phunsukh Wangdu and Chhote) was the third member of the '3 Idiots' gang, the other two being Farhan Qureshi and Raju Rastogi. ( Log Out /  Raju Rastogi : On the way there, the three rescue Pia from her arranged wedding at Manali. One night, Rancho, Farhan, and Raju drunkenly break into the Sahastrabuddhe household to allow Rancho to confess his love to Pia. : However, when faced in difficult situations, Raju was not the type of person who could endure all the pressures and thus, attempted to commit suicide. Pia V. Sahastrabudhhe: I don't want to be named Pia Wangdu! Raju came from a poor family whose father was sickly. : Farhan Qureshi Raju is a great reminder to all of us that we should not forsake our lives just because the world is pressuring us. While Rancho was telling Pia that he loves her Raju sat on the windowsill picking up a guitar for background score. I think his character is a great reminder to all of us that LIFE is PRECIOUS. People tend to let their feelings control them instead of them controlling their emotions. It had been months since he was there.