Solo/Rental. Single Engine|Cessna|C182|Single Engine|~ Sea Plane|Cessna|C182 (SEA)|Single Engine|Seaplane~ |RedBird|FMX Full Motion Simulator|Single Engine|~ Sea Plane|Cessna|C172 (SEA)|Single Engine|Seaplane~ LSA|Flight Design|CT|Single Engine|LSA~ |Grumman|T-Cat|Single Engine|~ Aircraft owner’s get better utilization of their plane while remaining in full control of who is renting it and when it’s available for rental. Single Engine|Cessna|C150|Single Engine|~ Need to rent an airplane? Twin Engine|Piper|Aztec|Twin Engine|~ Single Engine|Cessna|C205|Single Engine|~ How do you feel about sharing? Single Engine|Cessna|C182RG|Single Engine|~ Single Engine|Koliber|Koliber|Single Engine|~ Are you flying only when you have enough cash left over at the end of each month, or do you have a set amount regularly committed to flying? You and your group will also have access to many of the private terminals around the globe. Twin Engine|Piper|Apache|Twin Engine|~ Single Engine|Grumman|Tiger|Single Engine|~ Is the thrill of a high-performance aircraft, or in the case of a Cessna 310, an extra engine, really worth the extra expense? Single Engine|Aviat|Husky|Single Engine|~ Helicopter|Bell|47|Helicopter|LSA~ LSA|Zodiac|Zodiac|Single Engine|LSA~. LSA|Remos|G-3|Single Engine|LSA~ Single Engine|Beechcraft|Sundowner|Single Engine|~ |Grumman|Lynx|Single Engine|~ 100HR Timebuilder's Special Fuel Inc. $ 9,500. Renting an aircraft distributes the fixed costs among many folks. Search for planes to rent from offices at over 10,000 regional airports. By renting, you can fly the airplane for 50 hours per year at $425 per month, but save well over $18,000 per year. Single Engine|Cessna|C206|Single Engine|~ Single Engine|Diamond|DA20|Single Engine|~ How many people do you normally carry? |fk Lightplanes|FK9 MarkIV|Single Engine|LSA~ Twin Engine|Beechcraft|Baron 58|Twin Engine|~ We have a new take on aircraft rental. Our platform enables owners to rent their plane directly to end user pilots. Single Engine|Cirrus|SR20|Single Engine|~ Solo Rental. Twin Engine|Piper|Seneca|Twin Engine|~ Single Engine|Beechcraft|Debonair|Single Engine|~ Aerobatic|Great Lakes|2T|Single Engine|Aerobatic~ Is the flying business-related, personal, or some of each? Important rental notes. Glider|Rolladen Schneider|LS-3A|No|Glider~ Block rates are available. Rental rates subject to change. What kind of budget can you allocate to flying? How often do you fly? Aerobatic|Extra|EA-200|Single Engine|Aerobatic~ © American Flight Schools. IFR Equipped. Twin Engine|Beechcraft|TravelAir|Twin Engine|~ *** NEW HOURLY AIRCRAFT RATES *** Effective 1-13-2020 Flight Instruction Rate $65/HR. Our Private Plane Charter Is a World-class Choice! Owning an aircraft is expensive. What is the availability of aircraft rentals at the local airport? Sometimes it does make sense to own and lease an aircraft. Glider|Schweizer|2-32|No|Glider~ If you had the availability of an aircraft, would you fly more on business and take more vacations than you do now? Single Engine|Piper|Vagabond|Single Engine|~ |Gobosh|800XP|Single Engine|LSA~ Would you take more family trips if you had room for all the family members? LSA|Jabiru|Jabiru|Single Engine|LSA~ Are you willing to make some personal sacrifices to fly? |Gobosh|700S|Single Engine|LSA~ Single Engine|Piper|Arrow|Single Engine|~ Twin Engine|Grumman|Cougar|Twin Engine|~ Single Engine|Socata|Tobago|Single Engine|~ Single Engine|Grob|115C|Single Engine|Aerobatic~ Single Engine|Piper|J-5|Single Engine|~ |Tecnam|Echo Super|Single Engine|LSA~ |Robinson|R-22|Helicopter|~ Next time just grab the keys and the clipboard and go. Twin Engine|Piper|Chieftain|Twin Engine|~ IFR Equipped. Before rental is allowed, a checkout by one of the instructors is necessary. Based on our Safety-First Mission, insists that all of our aircraft and pilots not only meet, but exceed, the more rigorous and exacting FAR 135 standards. All Rights Reserved. Single Engine|Piper|Lance|Single Engine|~ Single Engine|Columbia|400|Single Engine|~ Twin Engine|Beechcraft|Twin Bonanza|Twin Engine|~ Here are some things to consider: Alliance Flight Training is part of the American Flight Schools family with five locations to serve you! When a person pictures a small single engine airplane, the Cessna 172 is probably what comes to mind. Aerobatic|Extra|EA-300L|Single Engine|Aerobatic~ |Sky Arrow|650|Single Engine|~ Most of the private jet rental industry follows a set of Federal Aviation Administration regulations known as FAR 91. Sea Plane|Cessna|C180 (SEA)|Single Engine|Seaplane~ Single Engine|Robin|R-2160|Single Engine|Aerobatic~ Single Engine|Piper|Dakota|Single Engine|~ Glider|Grob|102|No|Glider~ Will you be happy owning a Cessna 172 when you really want a Cessna 310? We can improve the trip with custom catering and branding of the aircraft. Twin Engine|Cessna|C310|Twin Engine|~ LSA|TL-Ultralight|Sting Sport|Single Engine|LSA~ Glider|Blanik|L-23|No|Glider~ Single Engine|Cessna|C206 (SEA)|Single Engine|~ Single Engine|Cessna|C177|Single Engine|~ If you fly the national average of 50 hours per year and wanted to own a plane as nice as a used late model Cessna 172, you would pay a $1,380 monthly payment, $200 per month for the hangar, about $300 per month for insurance, $100 in gas per month, $500 per year for maintenance, and $1500 for the annual. Block Rates. Sea Plane|Aviat|Husky (SEA)|Single Engine|Seaplane~ |RANS|S-6S|Single Engine|LSA~ Listing your rental is FREE and easy. LSA|Evektor|Sportstar|Single Engine|LSA~ When you are faced with the decision about whether to purchase an aircraft or rent one, make a checklist. Find aircraft rentals using zip … If you don’t like renting an aircraft that has an “inop” sticker pasted on the panel or one that looks as if it hasn’t been washed in months, a purchase might be worth the cost. Glider|Rolladen Schneider|LS-4|No|Glider~ Single Engine|Socata|Tampico|Single Engine|~ Would a partnership work for you? Single Engine|Piper|Comanche|Single Engine|~ Centennial Airport is headquarters to American Flight Schools and Flying Clubs of America. Glider|Diamond|HK36TC|No|Glider~ |Robinson|R-44|Helicopter|~ Rental. Single Engine|Beechcraft|Sport|Single Engine|~ If you believe that the availability of an aircraft seven days per week, 24 hours a day might change how much flying you do, a purchase should at least be considered, but a word of caution is necessary: Many pilots fool themselves into thinking that owning an airplane will increase the number of hours they fly. |Tecnam|Sierra|Single Engine|LSA~ Single Engine|Cessna|C210|Single Engine|~ Sea Plane|Piper|PA-12 (SEA)|Single Engine|Seaplane~ Single Engine|Micco|SP20|Single Engine|~ Rentplanes will NEVER share your information...we just want to provide the most complete listing possible for connecting aircraft owners with pilots who need to locate rental aircraft. Single Engine|Piper|J-3 Cub|Single Engine|~ Glider|LS|4|No|Glider~ Alliance Flight Training offers a diverse fleet of airplanes for rent. Glider|Schleicher|ASK 13|No|Glider~ Single Engine|Symphony|Symphony|Single Engine|~ Single Engine|Columbia|350|Single Engine|~ We have aircraft from Cessna, Diamond, Cirrus, and Grumman. Tired of flying the same old airplane you trained in? *Table based on an average of flying 50 hours per year. LSA|Zlin / Savage|Savage Cub|Single Engine|LSA~ Helicopter|Schweizer|300C|Helicopter|LSA~ The Cessna 172 Skyhawk is a four-seat, single-engine, high wing aircraft that has been in production since 1955. Cessna C-152 N6478P. Single Engine|Research Company|Ercoupe|Single Engine|~ Our Cessna 172 is available for instruction and rental. Owning an aircraft is expensive. Twin Engine|Piper|Geronimo|Twin Engine|~ Glider|Schleicher|ASK 21|No|Glider~ Glider|Schempp Hirth |Mini Nimbus|No|Glider~ |INDUS|Thorpedo|Single Engine|LSA~ Single Engine|Grumman|Yankee|Single Engine|~ |Aviat|Pitts|Single Engine|Aerobatic~ LSA|Bell|JetRanger|Helicopter|LSA~ Aerobatic|Extra|EA-300|Single Engine|Aerobatic~ Do you own a plane or multiple planes you'd like to make available for rental? That’s $25,760 per year. Single Engine|Aeronca|Champ|Single Engine|~ Get in touch with us to know more about private jet rental cost. Single Engine|Alarus|Alarus|Single Engine|~ LSA|Fantasy Air|Allegro|Single Engine|LSA~ Single Engine|Piper|Cherokee|Single Engine|~ Glider|Krosno|KRO-3A|No|Glider~ C172- N733NK. If you fly once or twice a month for pleasure only, ownership will probably not make good financial sense. Search for planes to rent from offices at over 10,000 regional airports. Single Engine|Beechcraft|Sierra (Beechcraft)|Single Engine|~ In many cases, it doesn’t. |Gobosh|700X|Single Engine|LSA~ Single Engine|Diamond|DA40|Single Engine|~ We’re always adding new aircraft rentals to our fleet, so either check back often, or better yet… sign up for our email list to be kept up to date on new aircraft rental additions, flight training classes, and other exciting happenings at Alliance Flight Training. Single Engine|Piper|Tomahawk|Single Engine|~ Just create a free account and enter your planes so the public can search for them. Single Engine|Grumman|Cheetah|Single Engine|~ Need to rent a plane in a specific area? From quicker check-ins to faster transit times, private jet hire is the perfect way to fulfil multiple meetings in different cities, carry out several site visits in one day or simply have more of an opportunity to remain productive while travelling.