A study by Eventbrite, 56% of people decide new year’s party venue at the last minute so, Christmas is a good time to promote your restaurant’s for the new year. You can arrange a completely separate set for kids to enjoy. The 10 Best Restaurant Promotion Ideas. And well beyond its home state. For your restaurant promotion ideas we should not forget about a special 30 day, 10% discount on delivery. Plan and promote your new year event on social media. Activists pounced. And that earned it a valuation beyond those of traditional chains. Or create a Caribbean Cruise on a winter's night. And, if you take reservations, you can get a full house throughout the evening but avoid an unexpected rush. Live music, open-mic nights, and stand-up comedy have great appeal. Del Frisco’s put itself up for sale, ultimately selling the entire company to private-equity group L Catterton for $650 million. Deals: BOGO, Happy hours and free desserts. Cracker Barrel wasn’t done with its Punch Bowl investment. Sounds interesting right? Colourful balloons, designer hats, simple noisemakers can go well. 1. So 2019 is coming to a close, people must be started planning for the New Year evening. Growth chains got big multiples. In November, private-equity group Brentwood Associates bought fast-growing, 137-unit fast-casual chain Chicken Salad Chick from another private-equity group, Eagle Merchant Partners. How to Create a Social Media Strategy for Your Restaurant, The Art—and Psychology—of Creating a Great Restaurant Menu, Update Your Restaurant's Prices, Atmosphere, and Social Media in April, Easy Steps for Keeping Your Doors Open During a Recession, The Balance Small Business is part of the. Sam Fox is one of the industry’s most creative minds, giving Cheesecake a potential factory for innovative new restaurants. Whether it’s “buy one get one”, or offering a free dessert – deals are an important part of the restaurant promotion strategy. Oh, the year had a lot of interesting deals—really interesting deals, in fact. Everybody loves a bargain, and two dinners for the price of one price is a good one. Obviously, you'll lose your shirt if you serve your most expensive dishes this way, but lower cost entrees using pasta, chicken, inexpensive cuts of beef and certain kinds of fish are good options. Seasonal special promotions can help increase sales, bringing in customers during slower periods or capitalizing on busier times. Still, it was a big one for Chicken Salad Chick, one of the most unique concepts in the restaurant business in that it specializes in chicken salad—not really a traditional restaurant menu item. That’s why beer is only $1.50 at [your restaurant name] Restaurant promotions messages #2: Leprechauns don’t exist. Remember all your customers are in the party and celebration mood, This is the peak time to come above all the daily restaurant task like ordering, cooking and serving the same food and discover some creative promotion ideas to attract new year’s crowd (that too easy to implement even in last minute) After all Leveraging holiday season is one of the important factors of making a business successful. And, according to sources, it received a valuation multiple in the “high teens” times earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization, or EBITDA. People who are coming on NYE definitely going to upload pictures about their experience. 9 Ways to Promote Your Restaurant Business, Here Are Some Great Tips on How to Promote Your Restaurant, Monthly Advertising Guide for Restaurants, Here Is a List of Restaurant Special Promotions and Events. Because of its big wine club, which provides the chain with a steady source of income and a loyal group of customers all in one batch. Restaurant promotions offer a way to reach both new and loyal customers, showing your appreciation for their business. They just emerged in different times. Cheesecake Factory buys Fox Restaurant Concepts, Yet another industry stunner came in July, just as we recovered from our Cracker Barrel-Punch Bowl shock, when, The company’s stock soon plunged, after it became known that Del Frisco’s needed to borrow just about all of that $325 million. So that people can call and reserve the table for next time. The year’s biggest deal goes to BDT Capital Partners, the Chicago-based investment firm that in June bought a controlling stake in Texas-based fast-food institution Whataburger.