Coronavirus surge: Is lockdown 'fatigue' to be blamed for the rise in cases? Nevertheless, greening in potatoes can also signal the production of something less desirable and potentially harmful — a toxic plant compound called solanine (1). Hi Saniya. We have sent you a verification email. Overnight Face Mask To Lighten Skin With Potatoes, How To Make Vitamin C Serum At Home For Instant Glow (5 min recipe), 17 Amazing Tricks To Make Your Skin Glow Naturally At Home, Best Natural Skin Care Gifts For The Clean Beauty Lovers (2020 Edition), 20 Best Christmas Gift Sets To Pamper Your Loved Ones, 10 Types Of Facial Cleansers For Different Skin Types, Consume potato juice in moderation as it can have a laxative effect. 1. Potato juice also works as a skin brightening agent. Use this potato cream anytime during the day after applying your favorite toner and/or moisturizer. You can save this page with current page title or you can create new page title. 6. Diabetes: Potatoes can affect blood sugar control. At home, store them in a cool, dark place, such as a root cellar or basement. Wash the rice with water to remove any dirt or dust. Here are some skin benefits of potato: Many individuals go through the problem of dark circles. This is because, in excessive quantity, antioxidants not only protect the healthy cells, but also protects the cancerous cells, and even help them in propagating. ETimes is an Entertainment, TV & Lifestyle industry's promotional website and carries advertorials and native advertising. We discussed the many ways to use potatoes for skin lightening, acne, dark spots, and pigmentation. Apply cold potato juice on the affected areas of your skin every day for best results. 7. It will benefit your skin in many ways and … Put off the flame and leave the mixture to cool down for some time. This is because excessive intake of potassium in our body can lower our blood pressure to a dangerously low level, and give rise to hypotension. 2. Mix this powder with potato juice in a clean bowl, to form a thick paste. When consumed regularly, potato juice lowers LDL (bad) cholesterol in the body. Given its anti-inflammatory activity along with generous doses of vitamin B it offers, potato juice makes an ideal remedy for this condition. What Are The Benefits Of Using Potato On Face? Rice contains vitamins that help to reduce dark skin and pigmentation, minerals which tighten the skin’s open pores, and amino acids which are essential for beautiful skin. In fact, some people even make a tasty potato juice as a summer drink. It also acts by damaging cell membranes and can negatively affect your intestine’s permeability. However, green potatoes are more than just undesirable. That means that eating a 16-ounce (450 g) potato that has surpassed the acceptable level of 20 mg solanine per 3.5 ounces (100 g) would be enough to make a 110-pound (50-kg) person sick. Peel off the potato and cut into small cubes. Therefore, they help to deliver oxygen to the brain as well. Potatoes can be good for you, but there are some disadvantages of potatoes too. • The vitamins present in potato help in reducing the age spots and pigmentation, build collagen and improve skin health. Studies have estimated that peeling a potato at home removes at least 30% of its toxic plant compounds. However, you’d have rarely considered juicing potatoes to reap the generous benefits it has to offer. Nutrition, Benefits, and Downsides. When potatoes are exposed to light, they begin to produce chlorophyll, the green pigment that gives many plants and algae their color (1). 12. 7. Pu-erh Tea: Benefits, Dosage, Side Effects, and More.