Being open-minded means we are able to defer our opinions and judgment. In summary, here are some of the aspects that I would want to see in someone as my next colleague: If you need any clarifications, or if you think something is unclear or wrong, do please leave a comment! The good information is that you are able to train hard skills easily, especially if you are interested in technical topics, but improving soft skills set may take a little more work and time. You can do so by accepting that things went wrong and find a way to fix the problem, instead of trying to hide it. A great programmer (or the infamous 10x engineer) also needs to be a great teammate. In such situations, you need to stop for a moment, think critically about the situation, admit your mistakes and admit responsibility. Recently, state institutions and local foundations contacted us, referred by developers who have attended our meetups. It is OK to stay back late once in a while to meet important deadlines. Software Developers who ignore the development of soft skills will miss out on the best positions and the highest salaries. These are often overlooked, and yet, a crucial set of skills in the software development world that in my opinion, every software developer … To do so, they need to have excellent organizational soft skills that will help them to manage their time accordingly and to eliminate any bad habits they might have. Of course, this is a personal opinion of mine about what makes a good team-mate and how a well-rounded software engineer should behave with colleagues and in the workplace. Companies expect developers to know tools for team development, to communicate with other teams inside the company, don’t be afraid to communicate with clients. Panic causes distress and bad quality of work. If you’re about to embark on your first programming job, or even if you’re a veteran already, read on and reflect on the points below. This new meetup group was inspired by my experience conducting interviews with candidates—mostly software developers. The two things go hand-in-hand. Coming in late to meetings on a regular basis has the following negative consequences: Time management also means knowing when NOT to work. As a result, we become increasingly resistant to changes, especially when they’re brought in from a third party. Subscribe for latest stories and promotions. Would you like to keep evolving your software development skills? When others talk, they do not listen, they merely wait for their turn to talk again. Remember that new guy who wanted to start refactoring the whole codebase? As my colleague Linda stated in a previous post for UruIT. Our goal was to promote and enhance professionals’ soft skills in Medellín. While almost all software developers can perform average tasks, those with these killer soft skills will have long, successful careers. If you instantly feel attacked when someone else brings up the eventuality to change something, then the problem is with you, rather than with the idea itself. Increasingly, companies seek to engage people with the necessary soft skills. Words-choice can, of course, be driven from cultural aspects: for example, in English (and especially in the UK) we often use “sorry”, “thank you”, and “please” in our sentences. Open-mindedness helps us set aside our opinions, listen to other’s ideas without judgment and accept those ideas even when we do not like them at first. Every one of us has once been found in a situation of being stuck in reading memes and watching videos for much longer than one should. Being part of a software company these days shouldn’t be seen as just a job. I found out by experience that it is a good idea to ask both parties if they are interested before I introduced them to each other. If you just contact people when you need them, they will have the impression that you are merely using them. We do also share that information with third parties for advertising & analytics. Both attendees and fellow organizations see Dmente as a new transversal proposal to all sectors and work industries.