Amun. This page was last edited on 30 October 2017, at 17:25. Experience a new way to fight while exploring the Great Pyramids and hidden tombs across the country of Ancient Egypt, Blood and Gore, Drug Reference, Intense Violence, Nudity, Sexual Content, Strong Language, Use of Alcohol, This page contains the location and solution to the papyrus. Ray of Hope: “In the Qattara Depression there is only one place that isn’t dry and sad. There is a fast travel location connected to the island that can be used to easily reach this collectible. It is a large building and has a fast travel point on top of it so should be easy to spot using the map. Use the lower fast travel point in Herakleion Nome and then head east until you reach the Natho fast travel point. If you need help with a guide, or notice something not quite right, you can Tweet him: @SamuelChandler, Shacknews Mercury subscription service relaunches, All Penguin Souvenir locations on Europa - Destiny 2, Nintendo Holiday gift guide 2020: Switch, games, and accessories, Where to buy Xbox Series X/S - stores to check for Xbox Series X/S stock, Romance guide - Assassin's Creed Valhalla. There are little square pools in the area, most of which are red or yellow, but one of them has clear water in it – it’s here you’ll find the treasure. In his deadly arena you can find me, between the edge of the arena and where the beast sates his thirst.”. It guides in darkness and fog, and I sit beside it under something that did not heed its warning.”. Papyrus Puzzle: In the south section of Mareotis Lake there is an island full of ruins. Treasure Location: To find this papyrus treasure, head to the east island of Kanopos Nome. Another papyrus can be found in Alexandria in the Sarapeion area. I lay where man’s creation brings the Nile’s water to desert sand.”. Head into the rear of this restricted area to find a circular pergola. Treasure Location: Not to be confused with the small furnaces in the main town of Atef-Pehu Nome, the papyrus treasure for Just Law is located up the main road of the area. A Long Drink: “In Siwa, come find me at the bottom of the only bowl big enough for a god.”. The papyrus in Alexandria is located in the Great Library to the north by the water. Ubisoft Montreal developed AC Origins and the game is the sequel to 2015’s Assassin’s Creed Syndicate. To find the papyrus treasure, use Haueris Nome’s western fast travel point and then go north. The treasure is hiding behind this pillar as per the image above. The papyrus can be found on a table in a library area. Travel to the point, then look around the northern side of the small island for an old, destroyed rowing boat, the treasure will be beside it. Once a papyrus scroll has been found, it will give you a hint on where to find a piece of treasure. Treasure Location: To find the Toth’s Secret papyrus treasure, start at the Hermopolis fast travel point and head south into Uab Nome. The Stone Gaze Papyrus clue reads: “In the south section of Mareotis Lake there is an island full of ruins. In Plain Sight: “On an Island south east of Krokodilopolis there is a river with unnatural color. The Stone Gaze Papyrus can be found int he Serapeion building, which is just south-west in the main Alexandria city. Solve the Papyrus Puzzle and find all high-end loot with this full walkthrough.Papyrus Puzzles in Assassin’s Creed Origins are two-stage quests … Treasure Location: Head to the little island in the waters of Alexandria to find this papyrus treasure. The island we need to go to is the southern most island on Mareotis Lake, this island also has a fast travel point on it. Underground Currents: “South of Cyrene, in the Green Mountains, there is a lake whose water comes from a magical stream. The Stone Gaze Papyrus can be found int he Serapeion building, which is just south … Below, you can find a list of all papyruses in Alexandria province in Assassin's Creed: Origins as well as solutions for their puzzles. Inside, you can find me sitting at the bottom of the lowest pool, tucked away beside two large jars.”. You'll find this riddle on a desk in the rear chamber on the western wall. A man stares at me all day, it’s quite a bother, so I’m hiding behind a column that blocks his sight.”. At the top of their territory lies a place where birds should live, but do not. “The Stone Gaze” Papyrus Puzzle is located in the city of Alexandria. Pass time till morning, an X will mark my hiding spot.”. It’s in need of support, so I sit behind it, but the wooden beams seem more helpful.”. Solution: Go to the … Full of palm trees and surrounded by desert, one rock fence was built and closed off with no exit. After bouncing round a few universities, securing a bachelor degree, and finding his feet, he's found his new family here at Shacknews as a Guides Editor. Use the fast travel point and then travel south to the broken village of Keno. It is published by Ubisoft for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Wet Work: “In the Green Mountains where they’re building a great aqueduct, go find its source high up in the mountains. One among the many riddles in the game is the Stone Gaze papyrus puzzle. Treasure Location: To find the Underground Currents papyrus treasure, use the fast travel point that is in the middle of the Green Mountains near the pond.