Top record labels 2020 by net worth / richest record labels . Building on the killer reputation he’d already developed on the likes of Dispatch and Metalheadz, DLR’s gritty, rolling, forward-thinking sound is amplified tenfold on his label courtesy of acts such as. Copyright © Sidekick Music 2020 The record label is considered to be one of the biggest successful African indigenous record labels and some of the artists signed into the record label are M.I Abaga, Dice Ailes, CKay, Candy Bleakz, and others. Industrial-strength, uncompromising contemporary jungle – Repertoire deal strictly in timeless records that will still sound just as exhilarating in 10 years time, and would have very easily sat just as comfortably 10 or even 20 years prior to their release. You could imagine how they were able to promote artistes like. That being said, no matter your current position, this label service is quickly becoming one of my favourites due to its vast collection of services – Some of which do not appear in other companies featured in this article. I just hope it propels you and your career into the next level. The record label has its head office located in Lagos and has become so popular over the last few years after it was founded. Neck-snapping breakbeats, glacial atmosphere and bulldozer grooves that tear up clubs like nobody’s business. who, after spending a decade producing chart hits for singers, used Guidance as a platform for their first productions in over 10 years. A true ‘expect-the-unexpected’ imprint, with a release schedule the gives space for each dispatch to breathe, Diffrent don’t just exist on the cutting edge, they have prime real estate there. Newcomers to the label should head for the label’s Folio compilation albums for the broadest snapshot of the label, its sound and its many exciting protagonists. As of [current_date format=’Y’], DMW Records net worth is estimated to be $60 million which the award-winning record label made from the songs they make, their youtube channel, and from other digital streaming platforms such as iTunes, Soundcloud, and many more. And with a menu of chefs ranging from. However, partnered with Ditto’s ‘record label in a box’ package – A package designed to give ‘start-up’ label owners everything they need to start their own record label – This could become a powerful tool. in 2015 as he made the transition from label artist at Shogun Audio to label bossman himself. SUBMIT AND GET TO KNOW ABOUT FRESH STUFF! Hi! The bass is all-too-often seen as electric guitar’s less glamourous and easier-to-play big brother. It's been the most surreal of years, but I personally think this has been one of the strongest in terms of musical output that our label has had and this sampler attempts to showcase that. Label. Dr. Dolor Entertainment is a record label in Nigeria owned and managed by Osadolor Nate Asemota popularly known as DR Dolor. Defected Records, the independent House music record label established in 1999 by former AM:PM and Cooltempo A&R Simon Dunmore, and initially funded by London nightclub and label Ministry of Sound. try Bellows Field Mouse No Vacation Ratboys or even Topshelf for example. Please note: While this download is free, any amount you choose to pay will be donated to The Black Artist Fund, a nonprofit organization giving money directly to Black artists to combat systemic inequity in art. Now find out what happened with Camo & Krooked joined forces with a classical composer. Place an order containing at least three cassettes from our US shop and we'll include a cassette copy of the sampler in your order for free. The label is largely characterised by a distinctive, dark, futuristic techy sound with deep tendencies, but it’s prolific and not averse to the odd curveball, with varied releases flying out of the Delta9 doors several times a month. plus many of the above-listed artists who’ve remained full time Flexers ever since. Watch Red Bull Symphonic in the player below. Targeted outreach to digital and physical press outlets. With studios scattered across the UK and US, Famous provides recording spaces to artists at an affordable yet professional rate. Please, drop them in the comments section below. The record label once had Runtown as one of their artistes and now currently has Nuno, Rhatti, Cheque, Storm Rex, and others as their signees. Expect nothing but freshness from both new talent (such as Hong Kong-based Brit Lovely and French collective Visages) and established, highly respected artists such as. So many now well-established artists had debuts or super early releases on the label it’s remarkable. Soundsystem soldiers with deep jungle roots, Born On Road is co-owned by. A hand-picked selection of highlights from the 200+ titles in our catalog. ), we put together a "sampler" of sorts. Targeted reach out to some of the biggest independent playlist curators. Of course, record labels are considering many factors: your kind of music, your appeal and charisma, your versatility and most importantly, the marketability of your music, although you can always get a chance to prove it to them if you impress them with your demo. ... For record labels, the major function is to take care of the copyright of sound and video recordings by: 1. Artists must either be recommended to the company through a trusted friend or must partake in AWAL’s detailed screening process to ensure you’re at the ‘next level’. Absolute, like other label services in this review, offer a range of services to indie labels and artists including digital and physical distribution, marketing, manufacturing and sync placements. Starboy Entertainment – Net Worth: $30 million, 5. Everything you experience on 1985 is down to Perez – from the label’s distinctive black and white, noir aesthetic (he studied design prior to breaking through into drum’n’bass in 2005) to the blink-and-miss merch drops. For a full-fat hit of the Sofa Sound Bristol flavour check out last year’s Sofa King Sick Vol 1 compilation album. Top 10 Best House Music Record Labels To Follow. Sidekick Music is an independent and creative brand launched in late 2016 by Kaa Production. Spaceship Entertainment is a record label that was founded in 2013 by the award-winning artist, Burna Boy. Sounds great right? Looking for stronger Spotify Playlist presence, a Media Feature or a Record Deal ? We’re a full on, Electronic Music dedicated Blog & Record Label. The CEO of the Chocolate City record label is Audu Maikori but was co-founded by Paul Okeugo. Inspired by its Bristol environment, Sofa Sound is built on collective spirit, a strong soundsystem culture and a distinct, colourful graf-style graphics that all bring a humour, warmth and sense of fun to a sound that can err on the dark and dangerous side. As of [current_date format=’Y’], YBNL Nation net worth is estimated to be $28 million.