The most forgiving of the theories states Xavier DuPont De Ligonnès' disappeared not because he killed his wife and kids. Chris Watts’s behavior around his missing and pregnant wife raised red flags for those following the case instantly along with local law enforcement. There's no evidence there was another murderer. Here are a few theories about what happened. Meanwhile, his terrified former mistress has gone into hiding, fearing for her life. Call 1-800-273-8255. Wherever he went, it's possible he died and was buried under whatever name he was using. It took a couple of days for the truth to be revealed about Chris’ involvement in his family’s disappearance and why he, in fact, did kill his family. The case of the Dupont de Ligonnès family murders and disappearance of the father, Xavier, remains one of France's most shocking and disturbing crimes. She added: "This is just a stranger—we don't have a name, we don't have anything specific. That being said, Xavier's disappearance has meant this case has never been closed. His wife Agnès Dupont de Ligonnès and their four children were murdered at an undetermined date in early April 2011, and their bodies were found buried in their garden on 21 April. An international manhunt is under way for a handsome, aristocratic Frenchman police believe may have shot and killed his wife, their four children, and two dogs, burying them all in the garden of their home in Nantes, France. Police dug up the bodies last week, finding a severed leg and the bullet-ridden corpses of Xavier Dupont de Ligonnes' family. Or was it an erroneous report? In "House of Terror," we learned that the French count has systematically murdered his wife, his four children, and their two dogs, only to disappear without a trace. Of all the cases featured in the original Unsolved Mysteries, just over a third of them have since been solved, meaning that we may soon know what happened to Xavier Dupont. This theory suggests Xavier did make a run for it, and possibly even got away for a while. It is generally accepted that Xavier DuPont De Ligonnès most likely killed his wife and children. But some believe he did not then flee the country to live guilt- and family-free. In 2019, it seemed like he'd done just that when there was a reported sighting of him outside a French monastery. And yet, he still has not been found. If he had been killed along with his family, it would make sense that his body would have been found among the others. Meurer alluded to this when she added: "If he's alive. If you or someone you know is experiencing suicidal thoughts, call the National Suicide Prevention Hotline at 1-800-273-8255 or text HOME to the Crisis Text Line at 741741. The Netflix show's executive producer Terry Dunn Meurer was asked about the tips she had received in each of the six Unsolved Mysteries cases by Variety. In 2020, the case was the subject of an episode of Netflix's Unsolved Mysteries reboot. And if that's what happened, then chances are, he will never be found. Their only problem was, Xavier had disappeared and has never been found. Since the bodies were found two weeks ago, we have learned more about Xavier Dupont de Ligonnes, whose handsome if bland features look out from every news stand. The police even had a suspect: The father, an aristocrat named Xavier DuPont De Ligonnès. Unsolved Mysteries boss says Xavier Dupont has been “spotted” in Chicago. The family claims Xavier's letter says he went to Australia. With Netflix's global reach, if Xavier is going to be found, we're really hoping that the Netflix audience will find him. However, Meurer, who also co-created the original Unsolved Mysteries series, warned true crime fans from jumping to conclusions, as so many of them already have in the case of Rob Endres. The problem with this theory is twofold, though: This is based on sightings, and a letter the rest of the DuPont De Ligonnès family got after the murders.