I ate half the serving and then took some more pain meds and ate the other half. Tonsillectomy Day 1 : I just had it done this morning, massively consming water, pain meds every 4 hours, popsicles, little apple sauce and trying to maintain a healthy probiotic regimine. Tonsillectomy Day 1:(surgery day): Thank God I woke up! Day 1: pretty hopped up on meds after the anesthesia.. my face has taken on a permanent white hue but I’m in pretty good spirits all things considered. Tonsillectomy Surgery Time, Procedure, and Recovery, Honeywell Humidifier | Guide to Best Humidifiers. I heard from first hand accounts how painful it is to recover from a tonsillectomy as an adult. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. My throat was in pain all night even though they gave me the liquid codeine. The ENT got me booked up for 3 weeks out, the week of new years day. Your email address will not be published. Tonsillectomy Recovery Day by Day Day One -The Honeymoon A collection of various experiences of adult tonsillectomy patients on their first day of recovery. The flooring was everything I had to eat on Day 1 ( small portions) hard boiled eggs, Mac and cheese, cream of wheat, potato soup, popsicles, water, gatorade. Stayed on a steady dose every 4 hours of pain med’s which seemed to edge my pain. I ate more Popsicle and jello and applesauce and was able to eat some luke warm soup which tasted great and drank 2 ensure shakes and a yogurt shake. Lost 10 lbs in 7 days, which is fine. Set strict medicine schedules with alarms. Tonsillectomy Day 1 : Well i just got home from surgery. ( Log Out /  So I balled up, headed over to my ENT (Ear, Nose, and Throat) doctor. My mom picked me up at 6am and i went home and slept for a bit. No side effects from the surgery med’s. Required fields are marked *. Stayed in overnight and discharged by 09:00. I knew going in once he saw how large and obstructive mine were, the surgery would be recommended. I shared my experience from days 1 -7 already, you can read it here if you missed it. I walked down to theatre at 9am and was brought back to the ward 11.10am. Post Op coblation tonsillectomy experience - not terrible! Apr 13, 2018 - Welcome back to my adult tonsillectomy recovery journey! I had never been under general anesthesia before and it terrified me. which made things even worse haha. Powered By Many adults will go through the same experience, as the surgery can be risky, and recovery is quite painful. Tonsillectomy Recovery Day by Day Day One -The Honeymoon A collection of various experiences of adult tonsillectomy patients on their […]. The pain I had was a 1or 2 on a scale of 10. hardly any pain after the surgery and I was able to eat apple sauce, ice and water immediately after waking. I still feel like I have just a mild sore throat. Tonsillectomy and Pain Medicine Addiction, Depressed After Tonsillectomy? My jaw sounds like it’s clicking when I chew which is disconcerting but I was just so damn hungry. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account. At first I was up every 3 hours taking medications all night and day. After the first one, it felt like it was stuck in my throat, but I tried to take the second one…even bigger mistake. The scabs start to wear off with a new pink skin covering them completely forever. I googled every tonsillectomy blog, website, every story, every horror story. I think what helped me heal faster was eating food as soon as I could tolerate, which was day 2. Right after surgery I had 2 ice pops and a cup of ice chips. But I do feel instant relief with my breathing. The first four days the amount of mucus in your throat mixed with the swelling will make you choke. View ggandmommyblog’s profile on Facebook, Adult Tonsillectomy Recovery Day by Day (Including pictures), Post Op Adult Tonsillectomy Recovery Day 2-4, Dissolvable Anti Nausea Medications (zofran). I decided to try to swallow the capsules because they looked small enough…BIG MISTAKE! Oh and googling adult tonsillectomy is Ia bad thing to do. Tonsillectomy Day 1: i had the surgery at 3:20 pm ( they were over an hour behind schedule).I woke up feeling like crap and the nurse had to give me lots of morphine through the IV drip. Today is day 3 of my tonsillectomy. Still taking oxys every 6 hours, just 1 tab. I had my tonsils removed, deviated septum fixed, uvula removed and turbinates  (nasal wall tissue) reduced. I think i have worse pain from strep throat, Tonsillectomy Day 1 : Post op eight hours……everything feels fine but I’m scared for the horrible days ahead. I did a sleep study a few years ago and they didn’t have many answers for me. Learn how your comment data is processed. I woke right up from the surgery with no problems at all. I finally said enough is enough, I cannot do this anymore. Adult Tonsillectomy Recovery Day by Day (Including pictures) Posted on January 16, 2017 January 16, 2017 by mindymimsy10 Articles will contain Day by Day photos of my tonsillectomy post op. The staff also sent me home with 3 for the road ( I had about an hour drive). We shall start with tonsillectomy day 1. We can verify that the domain is for sale over the phone, help you with the purchase process, and answer any questions. Even game to try to eat something so I sent hubby out to get me pad thai (without chilli). It is OK to eat soft solid food on the second or third day after tonsillectomy, but many people do not feel up to eating any solid food at all for 7-10 days. ( Log Out /  I’m thoroughly convinced my kidneys have been sufficiently detoxed for the onslaught of medication coming! Hence why I put it off. Your email address will not be published. 6 Ways To Get Your 8 Glasses Of Water Every Day, 10 Easy Nutrition Tips To Improve Your Health, How To Get The Most Out Of Weight Loss Smoothies, Bloating — Why It Happens And How to Reduce It, How to Stay on Your Diet This Thanksgiving, Weight Loss Smoothies Can Boost Your Health, 10 Carbs You Should Always Keep In Your Diet, Ten New Strategies For Dealing With Post-Holiday Weight Gain, Too Many Dietary Supplements May Jeopardize Your Health, Meal Frequency: 3 Meals Vs. 6 Meals A Day, Fall Comfort Foods That Won’t Make You Fluffy, Death By Saturday Night: How Binge Drinking Reaches Out Into The Week, Why Smokers Get Fat When They Quit (And How To Avoid Post-Cigarette Weight Gain Yourself), Scientifically Proven: Eat A High-Protein Breakfast And You Will Control Your Appetite All Day. I also needed to wee just about every 30 to 60 mins from all the fluids. Throughout this … By doing that I feel that prepared me more than going in blindly. Enough time for me to panic about the procedure over and over and over. I am including in this entry a shopping list of what helped me get through this interesting experience. Still in a good deal of pain. I first asked for a tonsillectomy at 19, and my doctor flat-out refused. Over and over again. It turns out they did go down, but because my throat was swollen, they felt like they were just sitting there. So I did what any logical person would do pre op. I watched some television and took the amoxicillin that I was prescribed to prevent infection. ?. Start eating solid foods as soon as you can. Google, google, google. There was only 2 of us in the “day surgery” ward ( where they keep the overnight patients) but the other lady was snoring all through the night! Post Op Coblation Tonsillectomy - my positive experience, Post tonsillectomy throat & speech problems, Tonsillectomy healing, my experience 7 weeks post op, adult post tonsillectomy & adenoidectomy, what to expect, Tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy, 7 days post op, I have been slowly getting better. Study design: A prospective, longitudinal study of 102 patients undergoing tonsillectomy. The anesthesia effects seemed to finally wear off sometime in the early evening making me a bit more comfortable. Pain is not what i expected it to be. Got home and laid down ( in a sitting up position) for about an hour. Most doctors are still against administering a tonsillectomy to adults. I begged for it to be after christmas and I am glad I did. Figured out the drinking of icy water or sucking on an ice cube almost immediately improved symptoms. Still in a great deal of pain all day.